witness|witnessed|witnesses|witnessing in English


[wit·ness || 'wɪtnɪs]

look on, see, observe; testify, vouch for, corroborate; be an eye-witness; note, notice

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1. 25 min: “‘Bear Thorough Witness’ —By Apartment Witnessing.”

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses have literally covered the earth with their witnessing.”

3. But I am a witness to the fact that the Witnesses witness to efficiency and proper behaviour. . . .

4. 20 Witnessing informally is no substitute for the regular field ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

5. I want him to witness the extent of my mercy by witnessing your deformed body.

6. At the time, no Witnesses lived there, so we did informal witnessing to neighbors.

7. 3 How to Witness by Telephone: When witnessing over the telephone, our presentation should be conversational.

8. There are also powers to compel the attendance of witnesses by obtaining a witness order.

9. Hence, Jehovah’s Witnesses concentrate, as Jesus did, on bearing witness to the truth about that Kingdom.

10. Marketplace Witnessing

11. PICTURE DESCRIPTION: Friends: A young Witness with a bad associate is embarrassed when she sees fellow Witnesses.

12. 12 In response to Jehovah’s words, the witness stand soon overflows with a joyful throng of witnesses.

13. A testator may, in an emergency situation, make a nuncupative will, which shall be witnessed by two or more witnesses.

14. In 1981 there were 38,869 active Witnesses—a ratio of 1 Witness to 717 of the population.

15. The Witnesses loaded these supplies into a van and visited the shelters where the Witness evacuees were accommodated.

16. These Witnesses took note of the interest I showed, and my address was passed along to another Witness.

17. Her parents were faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and even if they witnessed any ghostly activity, they were not going to talk about it.

18. Why is street witnessing a beneficial and enjoyable form of witnessing?

19. Evidence depends upon witnesses and, to some extent, their credibility is dependent upon their performance in the witness box.

20. when witnessing informally

21. Witnessing During the Blitz

22. Often a fine witness is given to people who previously knew little or nothing about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their message.

23. 15. (a) Why is “informal witnessing” a better term than “incidental witnessing”?

24. Witnessing by Good Conduct

25. Prayer and Our Witnessing