wive|wived|wives|wiving in English


marry a wife; take a wife; get married; give a woman as a wife

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1. First thrive and then wive.

2. During Training period, accommodation charge is wived.

3. What kind of wive says those things about her husband?

4. The people said, That pair of how happy mute husband and wive!

5. Wives, mothers and sweethearts.

6. This isn't frickin'Sister Wives.

7. Valuable Support From Their Wives

8. Wives —‘Build Up Your Household’

9. Wives shouldn't talk thus about their husbands, she thought resentfully, especially when they were clergy wives.

10. Esau’s two Hittite wives (34, 35)

11. His father reportedly had five wives.

12. Tell that to my ex-wives.

13. He's already had a surfeit of wives.

14. Gideon had 70 sons and many wives.

15. That's only an old wives' tale.

16. Her father had two other wives.

17. Breadwinner wives who are the couple's sole earners are a rarity, wives are typically joint but secondary earners.

18. One of my wives poisoned my food.

19. Shakespeare endorse polygamy: he speak of the merry wives of windsor ; how many wives do Mr. Windsor have?

20. Ethel, your sister wives have some news.

21. He has Heaven knows how many wives.

22. Never fool around with the clients' wives.

23. And so the old wives' tale continues.

24. Furthermore, polygamous marriage often fosters competition among wives.

25. A newspaper published profiles of the candidates' wives.