wiz|wizes in English



wizard, whiz, ace, genius or expert (Informal)

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1. He is the math wiz of his class.

2. He is the language wiz of his class.

3. Critics panned The Wiz upon its October 1978 release.

4. No decent woman would go wiz any of zem.

5. Happy Wiz is the good prentice of Hu Shisheng?

6. The dread-swinging, goatee-toting, guitar-slashing, spring-heeled rock behemoth that is Wiz Mega Curses!

7. Dan a bored thirty year - old math wiz who's looking for a way to change his life.

8. The Wiz phenomenon : Once the Hypnotist Zone is activated , the activity level does not attenuate easily.

9. After meeting on the set of "The Wiz, " Jackson convinced Jones to produce his next record, and went against label advice to pursue this collaboration.

10. Jackson, right, played the Scarecrow in the 1978 film version of the musical The Wiz, alongside Nipsey Russell as the Tinman and Diana Ross as Dorothy.

11. However, even current registrations are a significant rise on 200 when just 55 fully electric cars were sold, nearly half of these being the diminutive G-Wiz runaround.