wobble|wobbled|wobbles|wobbling in English


[wob·ble || 'wɒbl]

move from side to side; sway; tremble, vibrate; be indecisive

Use "wobble|wobbled|wobbles|wobbling" in a sentence

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1. 10 Radial velocity, also known as the Doppler wobble technique, involves searching for wobbles in a star's light that indicate the gravitational pull of an orbiting planet.

2. [ Gov't Wobbles Over Anas Video ]

3. The pile of bricks wobbled and fell.

4. The traditional wobble box drives the cutting bar to finish to and fro motion due to the function of wobble, wobble yoke and crank arm.

5. Her voice wobbled with emotion.

6. It'spun flawlessly for a while, to wobble slightly, then a hard wobble then fall.

7. The handlebars developed a wobble.

8. The tall man wobbled along ungainly.

9. The Towering Buddha is wobbling.

10. 7 The table is wobbling.

11. I really wobbled more than I walked!

12. She rocked the table-the sawhorses wobbled.

13. 16 His head was slightly wobbling.

14. Don't wobble the table, please, Dan.

15. Her ample bosom wobbled as she laughed.

16. That bookcase wobbles whenever you put anything on it.

17. The whole washing machine began to wobble.

18. The table wobbled when I leaned on it.

19. We wobbled down the road holding a handle apiece.

20. Don't wobble the desk when I'm writing.

21. Wobble stroke adjustment of a cone crusher

22. Don't wobble the table-I'm trying to write.

23. The housing market wobbled again, as tax credits expired.

24. Just then, Bart returned, wobbling on his skates.

25. It looked like a large, wobbling soap bubble.