woman's status|s status in English

position of women in society (usually in reference to the rights and position of men in society)

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1. Nevertheless, the high status of the woman's influence is in no way diminished.

2. S. dollar legal tender status, a technique known as dollarization.

3. 26 The 205's chassis has achieved almost legendary status.

4. 3 The 205's chassis has achieved almost legendary status.

5. Status report.

6. Account status

7. The status code must be a redirect status code.


9. An LED status indicator specifies armed, disarmed, and alarm status.

10. In the Status column, hover over the ad’s Disapproved status.

11. status: SCSI status byte as defined by the SCSI standard.

12. But higher status for some always lower status for others.


14. Report your status.

15. [ Exited with status %# ]

16. Background and Status

17. If thyroid abnormalities are detected, the patient s thyroid status should be evaluated and

18. The job status summary page presents four types of job completion status.

19. The “Status” column shows the status for the row, including error messages.

20. In Western society an individual's marital status and occupational status are achieved.

21. Perceptions of health status One aspect of health status omitted from the previous chapter on morbidity relates to perceived health status.

22. The instant they acquire a seventy sixth shareholder, they lose their status as S corporations.

23. Actually, that's my status.

24. Each status (error, warning valid, excluded) has a specific reason for that status.

25. Report CO2 scrubber status.