woman-hater|woman hater in English


misogynist, one who dislikes women extremely

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1. Davis is a notorious woman hater.

2. 25 Davis is a notorious woman hater.

3. He was reputed to be a woman-hater.

4. I like a woman-hater every once in a while.

5. I'm not a woman hater, I just don't like Joan.

6. I am not a hater.

7. I'm not a man hater.

8. The loser is usually hater rather than the hated.

9. Braccio was a hater of idleness.

10. I'm far from a hater. You got talent, I love you.

11. We picked up the hater lights as we sailed along.

12. Now, what are you gonna say to that pigeon - hater?

13. I am far from a hater, You got talent. I love you.

14. I am far from A hater, You have got tellent, I love you!

15. The hater of reproof, on the other hand, loves neither discipline nor knowledge.

16. The old lady at the end of the table is a classic Jew - hater.

17. The purpose of the foolish is sin : and the hater of authority is disgusting to others.

18. The man-hater is locked into the initial stage of separation, where repressed hurt and previously unarticulated anger are explored.

19. He is also an inveterate hater of Mrs Joe, whom he attacks secretly, inflicting injuries from which she eventually dies.

20. Aroma Woman Saves Woman from Abusive Husband

21. Vermouth A secret makes a woman woman.

22. Stupid woman!

23. This woman?

24. Woman chaser

25. Foolish woman.