womb-to-tomb|womb to tomb in English

from birth to death

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1. The national health service takes care of you from womb to tomb.

2. Once it used to be just child psychology but we now know that we develop all the time from womb to tomb.

3. Tomb KV57 is an ancient Egyptian tomb.

4. Sexism, ageism, womb-ism.

5. “Carried From the Womb”

6. Tomb KV11 is the tomb of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses III.

7. Does language begin in the womb?

8. An Empty Tomb

9. Or “right from his mother’s womb.”

10. One can't reenter the womb, Rabbi.

11. The baby's head was starting to emerge from the womb.

12. Fourth, pelvic cavity ecchymosis, or myometrium angiosclerosis. May also cause the womb knot to contract the organization proliferation, thus causes the womb to be large.

13. They bore his body to the tomb.

14. Now back to your cold airless tomb.

15. This is a tomb.

16. This olfactory sense develops in the womb.

17. Tourists queue in thousands to see the tomb.

18. They begged us to leave that tomb alone.

19. It was an extraordinary regression into the womb.

20. It's not out of your womb yet.

21. And her womb would always remain pregnant?

22. The real you is still inside the womb.

23. 8 Do twins hold hands in the womb?

24. He hauled the crimson obstacle from her womb.

25. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.