wombat|wombats in English


Australian mammal; (Slang) slow-moving person, person who is slow-witted

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1. "Kids! No respect" grumbled Wombat.

2. Did you see a wombat?

3. While Wombat rested Mother Kangaroo kept looking around.

4. The wombat and kangaroo are both marsupials in Australia.

5. Wombat wanted to wiggle along the ground.

6. A wombat stops in front a ranger's vehicle.

7. Wombat Creek Winery Pty Ltd entered the wine export market in 19 with their first great success, Wombat Creek infiltrated markets throughout the Asian Pacific region.

8. Until the wombat incident I had no punctures.

9. The immigrants harvested seaweed for the journey and ate kangaroos and wombats en route.

10. If Fiona waits much longer, she's gonna have babies that look like wombats.

11. " I feel like a herd of wombats has taken up in my chest. "

12. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, and there was no wombat.

13. I was determined to keep my figure, which was hard with chocolate wombats and toffee apples everywhere.

14. Not a cigar was left, but there was the skeleton of the wombat.

15. Nocturnal creatures, the northern hairy - nosed wombat is rarely seen by humans.

16. Out of Canberra you can see wombats, possums and kangaroos at dusk if you leave the main road.

17. The primadonna wombat was suffering from depression brought on by a lack of cuddles.

18. Wombat stumbled into a hole "Stop, your going to fast. I need to rest" he complained.

19. Wombat Creek Winery is an independent privately owned company producing fine wine as an art.

20. The Wombat deposits square poos on logs, rocks and even upright sticks that it uses tomark its territory.

21. They headed towards the waterhole with Wombat holding onto Mother Kangaroo's tail and grumbling all the way.

22. Even when you were worried about your Joey you were still kind to a grumpy complaining old wombat .

23. Whistler was dining at Tudor House, and the wombat was brought on the table with coffee and cigars.

24. Koala Bear and Wombat were two particular creatures that came upon craft that crash-landed near the region now known as Australia.

25. Apart from anything else, that takes my mind off the wombat of Stoke Newington and his tufty little dormitory.