women's army corps|woman army corps in English

Women's Army Corps (WAC)

military unit formed in the United States during WWII to give women the opportunity to serve the war effort in non-combat positions

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1. I enlisted in the Women's Army Corps in 19

2. She was commissioned lieutenant in the Women's Army Corps.

3. He's in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

4. the commander of the third army corps.

5. Anzac Day -- Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

6. The Army also remembers how Marine Corps Gen.

7. France and Germany agreed to form a joint army corps.

8. One army corps lost two thirds of its transport animals.

9. S. Army or Marine Corps that is below private first class.

10. In 1937 he was assigned to the X Army Corps in Hamburg.

11. Furthermore, the role of the German Army Aviation Corps changed as well.

12. He commanded the first People's Liberation Army naval force and served as an army corps commander in the Korean War.

13. Let the Communist-led armed forces form another group army in addition to the Eighteenth Group Army, making a total of six army corps.

14. The Ministry of National Defence has recently embodied the troops in army corps.

15. Including this new order, a total of 116 Shadow TUAS have been ordered by the Army, Army National Guard, Army Special Forces and Marine Corps.

16. The 6 th Army Corps had to draw back to a less open position.

17. Both the United States Army Air Corps and Navy bought many of these machines.

18. 17 According to a Pakistani source, the arrests include a former army officer, a doctor who had been with the army medical corps.

19. Reduce the level of market valuation, agency and the recent expansion of the Army Corps wind.

20. Army Corps of Engineers have taken steps to protect the city by diverting water around it.

21. Its customers include the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Health and Human Services Department.

22. Despite this misjudgment the two Prussian corps held the entire French army for the whole day.

23. A noncommissioned rank in the U.S. Army or Marine Corps that is below private first class.

24. In 19 the Army Corps of Engineers finished the job by building a flood control channel.

25. By 130 ABY , the Corps had apparently been disbanded; the stormtroopers becoming part of the Army.