women's lib|s lib in English


women's liberation movement directed towards equal rights for wome

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1. Premier Espouses Women's Lib.

2. I don't believe in women's lib.

3. Women's lib has not really penetrated here.

4. An energetic campaigner in the cause of women's lib.

5. She will ever be associated with the women's lib.

6. Her name will ever be associated with the women's lib.

7. That' s a very good, uh, ad- lib

8. (Laughter) Well, this is a deep-sea version of Women's Lib.

9. Despite her private advocacy, Celia took no active part in women's lib.

10. Women's lib is abbreviation of women's liberation, which is the movement for equal rights for women.

11. Good ad- lib.

12. We've had some of these Women's Lib types in here causing a big fuss.

13. Don't ad-lib, son.

14. I voted Lib Dem.


16. Ad Lib Incorporated unveils its Ad Lib Personal Computer Music System for US$245.

17. I ad - lib a lot.

18. I ad lib a lot.

19. I love the ad-lib.

20. The baby beslavered his lib.

21. Did you ad lib that, Syd?

22. LIB runs from a command prompt.

23. This news was given to the world last night, at, of all things - a women's lib meeting!

24. Oh, that was an ad-lib.

25. Ah, don't ad-lib the lines.