women's singles|woman singles in English

game in which two women compete against each other (Tennis)

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1. Who won the women's singles?

2. Althea Gibson wins the women's singles title at Wimbledon in 1957.

3. I prefer playing singles .

4. Anybody have five singles?

5. East Asian Games Tennis Women's singles Final: Kai-Chen Chang vs Shuai Zhang 2nd set tiebreak.

6. Does anybody have five singles?

7. They organize parties for singles.

8. She won the junior singles.

9. I prefer playing singles to doubles.

10. He had three national singles titles.

11. Tilden won three Wimbledon singles titles.

12. We went cruising the singles bars.

13. John collected a double and two singles.

14. Singles are available from £40 per night.

15. Two second - class singles to Leeds, please.

16. She's won three singles titles this year.

17. A return is cheaper than two singles.

18. It spawned the singles "Holla Holla" and "Daddy's Little Baby", which only achieved minor success compared to his later singles.

19. It collects all of the group's previous singles.

20. Three whiskeys, please - two singles and one double.

21. I'm afraid we haven't got any singles available.

22. She was in her room playing her singles.

23. Boris Becker of Germany won the men's singles.

24. "WORLDS Finals – Ratchanok youngest ever singles World Champion".

25. The show is especially popular among young singles.