womenfolk|womenfolks in English


women, females; particular group of wome

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1. Womenfolk?

2. He reflected hopefully and inconsistently, " Alexandra isn't much like other womenfolks. "

3. Why would peasants be more considerate of their womenfolk?

4. The dead soldiers were mourned by their womenfolk.

5. Some of the womenfolk had turned away, unable to look.

6. But he had chosen to serve his womenfolk with constancy.

7. Men never notice anything in a house run by their womenfolk.

8. 26 But he had chosen to serve his womenfolk with constancy.

9. The communal land is cultivated by the womenfolk in the tribe.

10. It is encouraging Chinese farmers to value their womenfolk more highly.

11. Peasant settlers were short of womenfolk, as were the soldiers and hunters.

12. The male hunters brought back the food for their womenfolk to cook.

13. The funeral parade go through the womenfolk, may not join the is.

14. 8 The communal land is cultivated by the womenfolk in the tribe.

15. Details of which can be seen in several aspects, such as in its structure of love knots, expressions of womenfolk male-absence structure, self-examination and sexuality of womenfolk, etc.

16. Up on the scaffolding, the two rugged manly types whistled at the womenfolk.

17. Their womenfolk were dressed in tanned skins with beads woven into their hair.

18. For most of recorded history, men in western society kept their womenfolk clothed from head to foot.

19. The womenfolk of a families want is also, hurriedly mallet out ear to listen to.

20. And there his womenfolk , a bibulous mother and three dingy sisters, pounced upon him for his wages.

21. Today is a special day for womenfolk as the day is celebrated as Woman's Day across the world.

22. A lot of ingenious men get around this problem by communicating to their womenfolk via their T-shirts.

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24. The pregnant woman in such a community has the support of all the womenfolk in her extended family.

25. Next day they were off again, leaving the wounded and rejected to make life a misery for their womenfolk.