won the title|win the title in English

earned the title by victory

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1. Digenis won their 2nd title.

2. The United States win this second title.

3. Tyson won the WBA title in 19

4. Nea Salamina won their 4th title.

5. His superior physical strength won him the title.

6. The British team is poised to win the title.

7. He won a European title in 1974.

8. Three players are in contention to win the title.

9. Can they win the title for the third consecutive season?

10. Once won the 2007 annual company excellent staff title.

11. 2 Three players are in contention to win the title.

12. Schumacher's efforts helped Ferrari win the Constructors title in 1999.

13. Ironically when Randalstown first won the league title two seasons Victorians again held the key to their title victory.

14. Hoping to win his third Olympic title, in Barcelona.

15. Uzbekistan defeated Vietnam in the final to win their first title.

16. Manchester United's a shoo-in to win the title this season.

17. 1) Emile won maybe 20 title fights after that.

18. Switzerland defeated Germany in the final to win its third title.

19. One delegate later won a Miss America state title.

20. Cho won the 8th Kisei title, defending it against Rin Kaiho.

21. Botha won the vacant title by outpointing Axel Schulz on Dec.

22. On April 2, 2013, she won the Miss Panamá Contest, becoming the fourth woman from the province of Veraguas to win the title.

23. The pincharratas won their first title in 1968 by defeating Palmeiras.

24. He won the light middleweight title at the 1995 Pan Am Games.

25. The 2008 season saw Umeå and Marta win another Swedish championship title.