wonderfully in English


marvelously, excellently, superbly

Use "wonderfully" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "wonderfully" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wonderfully", or refer to the context using the word "wonderfully" in the English Dictionary.

1. It Works Wonderfully!

2. “I Am Wonderfully Made”

3. These are wonderfully succulent peaches.

4. Just wonderfully true to itself.

5. The book is wonderfully convincing.

6. Things have worked out wonderfully .

7. She has wonderfully glossy hair.

8. The Khmu language is wonderfully rhythmic.

9. All of the performers played wonderfully.

10. Annie was wonderfully warm and maternal.

11. The piano concerto was wonderfully rendered.

12. She has wonderfully expressive eyes.

13. Her touch felt wonderfully soothing.

14. The mountain air was wonderfully pure.

15. It's a system that works wonderfully well.

16. Their life together has been wonderfully happy.

17. The water was cold and wonderfully refreshing.

18. 6 Mrs He asks ineffable and wonderfully.

19. Meryl Streep is a wonderfully versatile actress.

20. Somehow the place even smelt wonderfully nostalgic.

21. He's wonderfully fit for his age.

22. She was always wonderfully kind to me.

23. Thai basil is fast growing and wonderfully aromatic.

24. 3 All the hospital staff were wonderfully supportive.

25. As the ex-husband, Patrick is wonderfully sleazy.

26. 1 All the hospital staff were wonderfully supportive.

27. Humboldt spoke wonderfully of the wonderful, abominable rich.

28. She is possessed of a wonderfully calm temperament.

29. He interpreted the role of Professor Higgins wonderfully.

30. The slow movement is wonderfully moody and rhapsodic.

31. But he was also wonderfully ungovernable and frank.

32. Another result is that Pentecostalism is wonderfully innovative.

33. John was a wonderfully old - fashioned straight arrow.

34. She is wonderfully active for her age.

35. All the hospital staff were wonderfully supportive.

36. 4 Relaxing in a Jacuzzi concentrates the mind wonderfully.

37. We've bought a wonderfully luxuriant carpet for our bedroom.

38. The matador and bull performed wonderfully in the ring.

39. Scientists are now learning how wonderfully designed these are.

40. 3 But he learned to play the harmonica wonderfully.

41. But actually today, cybercriminals are wonderfully professional and organized.

42. Her new book is wonderfully evocative of village life.

43. 11 Thai basil is fast growing and wonderfully aromatic.

44. The result is a subtly flavored, wonderfully textured pie.

45. I felt wonderfully clean and fresh after my shower.

46. But Disney World is wonderfully true to itself.

47. Relaxing in a Jacuzzi concentrates the mind wonderfully.

48. She has written some wonderfully meaty parts for older actresses.

49. In his prime he played a wonderfully clever game anywhere.

50. Wonderfully melodic and tuneful, his songs have made me weep.