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improvements that are part of modern technology

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1. Technology in this day and age allows us to do wonders.

2. Then they hobbled off home to wait for better days, in awe of the wonders of modern technology.

3. Expositions and congresses projected a future wherein human aspirations would be realized through the wonders of technology.

4. The wonders of prosperity and technology overwhelm us and shower us with security, entertainment, instant gratification, and convenience.

5. With the development of ADC technology and IC technology , digital receiver technology becomes maturely.

6. Biochip technology was a kind of novel microanalysis technology.

7. With all the wonders of modern technology, why has no one come up with a way to make aircraft quieter?

8. With all this technology available, it's no wonder that bowlers have a bad rep.

9. The technology of field control is an advanced technology of industrial control.

10. Technology Modern technology is a prime determinant of economic growth.

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12. The help of technology.

13. Platform gimbal is the key part of stable platform and its machining technology is the key technology of inertial manufacture technology.

14. History of technology, that examines technology in its social and historical context.

15. Soft - switching technology is the core technology of increasing switching frequent of electroplate power supply.

16. The concept and method of component technology is similar to the group technology.

17. Then, Discussing the essential technology of constructing data extract package -- DTS Programming technology.

18. Colligation technology study of fry.

19. When is high technology the appropriate technology?

20. Semiconductor technology, material and Thin film technology.

21. The results of experiment specify the security of the scheme, which is the linkup of Digital Signature technology, Digital Encryption technology and Digital Watermark technology.


23. Platform management technology, including data security technology and multi - user concurrent visit technology.

24. LXI is the organic combination of computer technology, LAN technology and instrument technology, and the network communication is its necessary part.

25. The combination of IMU/DGPS technology and digital aerial photography technology brings a new development direction for the aerial photogrammetry technology.