wood|wooded|wooding|woods in English



forest, cover or plant with trees; supply wood for; equip oneself with firewood (wood up)

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1. Tiger Woods would boo a goose with a wood.

2. Wood warblers are another typical bird of sessile oak woods.

3. The woods are just trees The trees are just wood

4. Lush, green valleys and wooded dells.

5. It is a heavily wooded county.

6. The cottage was in a wooded valley.

7. We passed through miles of wooded country.

8. Wooded hills rise behind the town.

9. They crested a wooded hill shortly before sunset.

10. On our left was a wooded hillside.

11. Residents fled on foot through the wooded hills.

12. In the north their own wooded hill rose up.

13. The land over the hill was thickly wooded.

14. The town lies in a small wooded valley.

15. Furthermore, we also developed a high-grade alternative for the surface finishing of precious woods and coloured high-gloss wood-based materials.

16. The valley has wooded slopes and attractive rock formations.

17. The fire swept rapidly across the wooded countryside.

18. 2 Inland, picturesque villages nestle in the wooded Brendon Hills.

19. Inland, picturesque villages nestle in the wooded Brendon Hills.

20. There is a house idyllically set in wooded grounds.

21. The Autumn Woods.

22. Gloucestershire cattleman Guy Wooding will judge the inter-breed championship on the afternoon before the sale.

23. Volatile free fatty acids in woods are of great technical importance because of their corrosion of metals, iron-tannin discoloration of woods, influence on curing time of synthetic lacquers and glues, fixation of wood preserving salts and other effects.

24. It is restricted to várzea and other wooded habitats near water.

25. On every side were wooded mountain tops, green with tropical verdure.