wood|woods in English



lumber; forest; log; firewood; wooden block; wooden musical instrument; type of golf club

Use "wood|woods" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "wood|woods" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wood|woods", or refer to the context using the word "wood|woods" in the English Dictionary.

1. Tiger Woods would boo a goose with a wood.

2. Wood warblers are another typical bird of sessile oak woods.

3. The woods are just trees The trees are just wood

4. Furthermore, we also developed a high-grade alternative for the surface finishing of precious woods and coloured high-gloss wood-based materials.

5. The Autumn Woods.

6. Volatile free fatty acids in woods are of great technical importance because of their corrosion of metals, iron-tannin discoloration of woods, influence on curing time of synthetic lacquers and glues, fixation of wood preserving salts and other effects.

7. Strength and bleachability of the pulp generally improve significantly up to about 30% solidity when coniferous woods are pulped at normal Chemical-to-wood Ratio.

8. Esau Wood would saw wood.

9. We galloped through the woods.

10. Autumn woods aflame with color.

11. Tiger Woods teed off first.

12. The two main types of woods found in the park are coniferous and deciduous woods.

13. Before looking at Bretton Woods II, take a moment to look at Bretton Woods I.

14. Some woods warp under stress.

15. Poplars predominate the woods here.

16. They bound woods with rope.

17. Woods is an outstanding golfer.

18. He was caught scouting our woods.

19. Here dark woods, stone cold assail.

20. The wolf dashed through the woods.

21. A deer skittered into the woods.

22. Follow the path through the woods.

23. To blue shadows and purple woods.

24. We got lost in the woods.

25. They walked slowly through the woods.