wouldn't be seen dead with in English

(Slang) refuse to have any connection or association with

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1. I wouldn't be seen dead in a straw hat.

2. 12 She wouldn't be seen dead jogging; she hates exercise.

3. This is airport reading with an impeccable historical pedigree, for those who wouldn't be seen dead browsing in John Menzies.

4. The serious climbers would not be seen dead with such riff raff.

5. Henry wouldn't be caught dead in the necktie he got for Christmas.

6. If they'd been dead for a long time, wouldn't there be rot?

7. The Duke of Cambridge wouldn't be caught dead working at a dive bar.

8. This can be seen in the liquified, dead centre of the carbuncle.

9. The burial mound of the Athenian dead can still be seen at Marathon.

10. Anyone with a modicum of common sense could have seen that the plan wouldn't work.

11. But I've never seen a dead body,

12. Laura had never seen a dead body before.

13. She wouldn't be meeting with her about the primary.

14. 18) Laura had never seen a dead body before.

15. It wouldn't be real.

16. Wouldn't I be happier if you stayed here with me?

17. We've seen them all crowing that the movement is dead.

18. Burial is often seen as indicating respect for the dead.

19. C. couldn't live with anybody, that she wouldn't be happy.

20. Every time seen you all feel that awkward is dead.

21. If these limbs were dead, then the women wouldn't bleed out from the amputation.

22. He remembered the unburied dead he had seen in the war.

23. With all I've put up with, who wouldn't be depressed and go downhill?

24. It wouldn't be decent, dearie.

25. Heck, you certainly wouldn't be the first one to be afflicted with this condition.