wound|wounds in English


[waʊnd ,wuːnd]

injury; lesion; offense

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1. Wound healing complications were defined as dehiscent wounds, wound infections, atypical scar formation and adiponecrosis.

2. Where one wound might easily heal multiple wounds add up.

3. Key words: apple fruit wounds, decay-causing fungi, fungal spore adhesion, mycoactive acetate esters, wound aging, wound decay.

4. Wounds heal faster when they become a wound but a practical joke a gag.

5. Tentative evidence suggests that topical phenytoin is useful in wound healing in people with chronic skin wounds.

6. Preclinical absorption studies through full-thickness wounds were conducted in rats with a wound area of #-# cm2

7. Similar to a serious physical wound or infection, these emotional wounds do not just go away if ignored.

8. The wound dressing is capable of donating liquid to dry substances is also capable of absorbing exudating wounds.

9. The invention discloses a blood vessel wound blocking device, which is mainly used for blocking femoral artery interventional wounds and can also be used for blocking other blood vessel wounds.

10. Methods for treating open wounds, such as chronic refractory open wound, by administering an electrolyzed saline solution comprising hypochlorous acid are provided.

11. In addition wIRA has non-thermal and non-thermic effects, which are based on putting direct stimuli on cells and cellular structures. wIRA can considerably alleviate the pain (with remarkably less need for analgesics) and diminish an elevated wound exudation and inflammation and can show positive immunomodulatory effects. wIRA can advance wound healing or improve an impaired wound healing both in acute and in chronic wounds including infected wounds.

12. Conclusion:With the treatment of MEBT/MEBO, the ab- sorption of the pesticide through the wounds was reduced and physiological repair of the wound could be achieved.

13. Heel old wounds.

14. Addiction Wounds Communication

15. These wounds have festered.

16. Medical adhesives are useful as an alternate or an adjunct to surgical sutures and/or staples in wound closure, as well as for covering and protecting surface wounds such as lacerations, abrasions, burns, stomatitis, sores, minor cuts and scrapes, and other wounds.

17. Bind Up Their Wounds

18. Even heals grievous wounds...

19. 10 Globe wounds were the most commonly seen,[www.Sentencedict.com] with open globe wound accounting for 1%. Conclusion Timely and correct ophthalmological treatment can effectively re-duce the blinding rate.

20. She bound up his wounds.

21. If the cannon ball wounds its target then it causes not 1 but D4 wounds.

22. PLATELET GEL; Seals wounds, reduces

23. Flesh wounds heal without pain.

24. accelerate the cicatrization of wounds.

25. But the skin conical structure could not be found in deep wound groups, and the wounds were filled by a large accumulation of disarrayed and irregularly arranged collagen fibers.