-laced in Korean

verb - lace
때리다: shellac, hit, sock, strike, whip, drub
레이스로 장식하다: enlace, inlace, lace
끈으로 묶다: band, lace, cord
끈으로 졸라매다: lace
끈 따위를 꿰다: lace
짜맞추다: match, construct, interlace, set up, lace
줄무늬로 장식하다: stripe, lace
...에 가미하다: lace
매질하다: whip, cane, knout, scourge, lace
끈으로 매어지다: lace

Sentence patterns related to "-laced"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "-laced" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "-laced", or refer to the context using the word "-laced" in the English - Korean.

1. My other plea at Easter time is that these scenes of Christ’s lonely sacrifice, laced with moments of denial and abandonment and, at least once, outright betrayal, must never be reenacted by us.

부활절 절기에 드리는 저의 다른 기원은, 그리스도의 이 외로운 희생을 둘러싼 부인과 유기, 그리고 최소한 한 번은 있었던 철저한 배신이 우리에 의해 다시 일어나서는 안 된다는 것입니다.