a's in Korean

adverb - as
같이: as, like, together, as if, same, equally
다시피: as
: as
...와 같을 정도로: as
preposition - as
으로: as, with, by, into, of, for
로서: as
이므로: as, because of, for, in, with
가령 ...와 같이: as
가령 ...와 같은: as
conjunction - as
...과 같이: as
...이므로: as
이지만: as
...와 같이: as
...하고 있을 때: as
...함에 따라: as
이거만: as

Sentence patterns related to "as"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "as" from the English - Korean. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "as", or refer to the context using the word "as" in the English - Korean.

1. We could say the domain is all real a's, b's, x, and y's, except 0.

분모가 0 이 되려면 a, b, x, y 가 0 인 경우입니다

2. The language consisting of strings with equal numbers of 'a's and 'b's, which we showed was not a regular language, can be decided by a push-down automaton.

앞에서 'a'와 'b'가 같은 개수만큼 있는 언어는 정규 언어가 아니라고 하였는데, 내리누름 오토마타로는 표현할 수 있다.

3. So what you're seeing here is the one letter abbreviation for amino acids, and I've colored in the glycines with green, and the alanines in red, and so you can see it's just a lot of G's and A's.

여기 보시는 것은 아미노산들의 글자 하나로 표현된 것들입니다. 녹색 글리신으로 착색된것입니다. 알나닌은 붉게 보이고요 그래서 여기 보이는 건 아주 많은 G와 A들입니다.