Use ""blister" copper" in a sentence

1. Blister copper and zinc concentrate

2. Method for treating blister copper

3. Method for producing blister copper

4. Unrefined copper (blister copper and other)

5. * * copper ( blister copper and other ) , copper waste or

6. Process and apparatus for the continuous refining of blister copper

7. Method for the production of blister copper in suspension reactor

8. ex 74.01 * Unrefined copper ( blister copper and other ) * Smelting of copper matte

9. ex 74.01 | Unrefined copper (blister copper and other) | Smelting of copper matte |


11. - Fire-refining - to partially purify the blister copper to obtain copper anode (99.5 wt.

12. Copper matte is processed to anode copper without oxidizing blister copper in an anode furnace.

13. Unrefined copper, copper anodes for electrolytic refining (including blister copper) (excluding electrocopper-plating, electroplating anodes)

14. Fire-refining or electrolytic refining of unrefined copper (blister copper and other), copper waste or scrap

15. Converting produces blister copper named for the blisters of air/oxygen trapped in the molten material.

16. Approximately 4 unit weights of concentrate are required to produce 1 unit weight of blister copper.

17. Blister copper is then refined in anode furnaces, mainly to eliminate oxygen, sulfur and trace contaminants.

18. In addition to producing the matte (or, less frequently, blister copper), the smelting produces a slag.

19. As the converter cycle continues, copper sulphide is converted to blister copper containing dissolved sulphur and oxygen.

20. The blister copper is cast into anodes which then have the proper composition and shape for electrorefining.

21. Blister copper is processed in an anode refining furnace to remove most of the dissolved oxygen and sulphur.

22. ex 74.01 | Refined copper | Fire-refining or electrolytic refining of unrefined copper (blister copper and other), copper waste or scrap |

23. The extraction and determination of selenium in the ppm-range in copper- and lead concentrates, blister copper and copper matte is described as an analytical example.

24. 27 The gold in blister copper sample was pretreated with nitric acid- sulphuric acid to remove copper, digested with aqua, and determined by flame atom absorbance spectrometry.

25. High-arsenic concentrates can be smelted to white metal in a cyclonic reactor, and the solid ground white metal be converted to blister copper in a second cyclonic unit.

26. Appointed "Section Engineer (Smelter Services)", responsible for maintenance of electrical reticulation at 2.4 kV, 500 V and 380 V, producer gas, compressed air, fresh and reclaimed water, diesoline and sewage systems, as well as all boilermaking and welding for a Smelter producing 70.000 tons of refined lead and 35.000 tons of blister copper per year.