Use "-style" in a sentence

1. It can be mainly classified into: traditionary style, modern style, post-modern style, naturalistic style and mixed style.

2. After Chinese type style, Japanese-style style, South Korean style, classical style, neoclassic style, modernistic, the modernistic as well as the European land style and so on emerges together.

3. Neoclassicist style furniture that combines classical style and modern style.

4. The interior style in France was initially a Parisian style, the "Goût grec" ("Greek style") not a court style.

5. From design type: countryside style wallpaper, modern brief style wallpaper, western-style style wallpaper, Chinese type wallpaper, and Japan style wallpaper, childhood wallpaper and so on.

6. Style of writing and reflect a style of impure thought, work style of work.

7. Life Style: The high style for all seasons.

8. Gorgeous Wingback style Captain's Chairs with English style tufting.

9. In style!

10. Style Manager

11. Tiger style.

12. Name the style Material Style Test , then click OK in the New Style Name dialog box.

13. 5 Life Style: The high style for all seasons.

14. Yang style Taichi its many is and widely practiced style.

15. Replacement of the lighting pole style elegant, quite artistic style.

16. 10) Your hair-style depends,too,on your life-style.

17. Curvilinear font style is a new method of character expression after lattice font style and vector font style.

18. See PPG underclothing, style, design, colors is all basic classic style.

19. His preference of bold and unstrained style and lucid and elegant style shows his personal style of unrestrained frivolousness .

20. A# style (optional

21. Random Melt Style

22. Set Character Style

23. He's got style.

24. Change font style?

25. Grid #Style name

26. Basic Page Style

27. Healthful Life-Style

28. Option exercise style

29. 3 The linguistic features in Deng Xiaoping's Selected Works are mainly seen in functional style, expressive style and epoch style.

30. Jig variety of types, there is a fixed type, sub - degree - style , flat - style , flip - style, mobile column and zoning.

31. Many styles to choose: thermal collectors in series connection and parallel connection from economic style to guesthouse style; united hot water collectors pattern from normal style to villa style.

32. Both thick ("judo-style"), and thin ("karate-style") cotton tops are used.

33. By cloning the base style in sublevel, it copies the entire style.

34. In ancient Greek, there were three main styles in architecture, they are: The Doric style, the Ionic style and the Corinthian style.

35. Japanese woman wearing western style garb, seated at a western style sewing machine.

36. Built-in SGI style

37. A Better Life-Style?

38. Customize the widget style

39. INDIRECT(referenceText, a# style

40. That was Rambaldi's style.

41. Western or Korean style?

42. Zuo Zhuan is annalistic style concerning writing things with elegant language style rela...

43. Health and Life-Style

44. Your style, your sunglasses.

45. Corn cobs, Dixie-style.

46. Theories Abstract Concepts Parameters Attributes Methods Measures Tests Metrics Virtual Style Collaborative Style

47. What style is this?

48. This isn't my style.

49. I like your style .

50. Ground beef style, chorizo style, they also have an Italian sausage flavor, as well.

51. Learn about native style options and see examples in our native style settings documentation.

52. Secondly, there are three modes of distribution of remaining oil of single debouch bar, top concentrated style, homogeneous displacement style, bottom concentrated style.

53. Change the style of the layer: Layer->Layer Style->Bevel and Emboss.

54. This font style is imitated for display. The closest matching style will be printed.

55. 10 This shirt has the Medusa bandito style surrounded by a gothic style circle.

56. They are known as the Mỹ Sơn E1 Style and the Mỹ Sơn A1 Style.

57. com/musical style.html] one can see clearly the style transfer of his piano musical creation from the Japanese style to the Chinese national musical style.

58. Ward doesn't like your style.

59. Sloppy work isn't my style.

60. Simple Words, Simplicity of Style.

61. His style is turgid, boring.

62. Extravert in your own style.

63. Cowardice is not my style.

64. Besides, deviousness isn't your style.

65. Japanese style sandals of felt

66. Anglo-Saxon-style capitalism crashed.

67. Flattery is not his style.

68. Another difference about writing style.

69. The evolutions of the society changing and practice style affect the transformation of cogitate style.

70. European Hebei King Holiday Inn is a European - style architectural style of - related business hotel.

71. Yeah, like old-west style.

72. To apply a style template:

73. They create a new style.

74. The style is the man.

75. Pollock's style is instantly recognizable.

76. The old style, however, persisted.

77. I like your style , Simpson.

78. Yellowish-gold Tudors cottagey style.

79. 16 Conversational style of delivery.

80. His style is very lucid.