Use "8-bit byte" in a sentence

1. Added the possibility to enforce 8 bit (byte) encoding mode.

2. This format neatly accommodates all the 7-bit ASCII characters in a convenient 8-bit byte.

3. For a given string or chunk of data, Pearson's original algorithm produces only an 8-bit byte or integer, 0-255.

4. Thus, the character code decimal 97 represents the letter a. Currently, most operating systems represent character codes in a data unit called 8-bit byte.

5. Normally, a processor that utilizes binary arithmetic (which includes almost all modern CPUs) will add two 8-bit byte values according to the rules of simple binary addition.

6. 8-bit color graphics is a method of storing image information in a computer's memory or in an image file, such that each pixel is represented by one 8-bit byte.

7. As an example, the data may be a message to be transmitted consisting of 136 characters, each stored as an 8-bit byte, making a data word of 1088 bits in total.

8. Port priorities are defined on a 32-bit word, 16-bit half-word, and 8-bit byte basis to control the write enable signals to a compute register file (CRF) (111, 127, 127', 127', 127'').