Use "8-bit microprocessor" in a sentence

1. Motorola introduces its 6800 chip, an 8-bit microprocessor.

2. The C64 uses an 8-bit MOS Technology 6510 microprocessor.

3. VLISP 8, a Lisp system for 8 bit microprocessor, July 1978, 31 pages.

4. In 1972, Intel launched the 8008, the first 8-bit microprocessor.

5. Intel releases its 2-MHz 8080 chip, an 8-bit microprocessor.

6. Intel introduces its 200-KHz 8008 chip, the first 8-bit microprocessor.

7. The 6502 is an 8-bit microprocessor designed by MOS Technologies in 1975 .

8. The MOS Technology 6510 is an 8-bit microprocessor designed by MOS Technology.

9. The 8080 microprocessor (1974) was the first high-performance 8-bit microprocessor in the market, using the faster n-channel SGT.

10. It had a SMC84C00 8-bit Z-80 microprocessor; 8 KB of ROM and 2 KB of RAM.

11. The device, based on an 8-bit Motorola microprocessor, will reportedly work on any computer.

12. Its implementation is designed for embedded systems such as the 8-bit AVR microprocessor and the 32-bit ARM and AVR from Atmel.

13. Intel soon released a modified version of that chip as the Intel 8008, the world's first 8-bit microprocessor.

14. The Fairchild F8 is an 8-bit microprocessor system created by Fairchild Semiconductor announced in 1974, shipped in 1975.

15. With the NI LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK (Software Development Kit), you can graphically program any 32-bit microprocessor.

16. Port to the 32-bit RISC microprocessor of Renesas Technology.

17. Digital Equipment unveils the 150-MHz Alpha 21064 64-bit microprocessor.

18. Linear address extension and mapping to physical memory using 4 and 8 byte page table entries in a 32-bit microprocessor

19. The W65C816S (also 65C816 or 65816) is an 8/16-bit microprocessor (MPU) developed and sold by the Western Design Center (WDC).

20. In 1980, their product catalog included: 16-bit Microprocessor: CP1600 and 1610, a 16-bit CPU, used in the GIMINI TV-game set and in Mattel's Intellivision 8-bit Microcontroller: the PIC1650, an NMOS chip.

21. The 6507 is an 8-bit microprocessor from MOS Technology, Inc. It's essentially a 6502 chip in a smaller, cheaper 28-pin package.

22. The Intel 4004, a 4-bit CPU , was the world's first microprocessor .

23. When the tenth bit is not set, microprocessor instructions perform legacy functions.

24. Intel introduces its 4-bit bus, 108-KHz 4004 chip - the first microprocessor.

25. When this bit is set, the microprocessor is in extended instruction set mode.

26. Another early 8-bit microprocessor was the Signetics 2650, which enjoyed a brief surge of interest due to its innovative and powerful instruction set architecture.

27. Motorola announces the availability of its 32-bit 25-MHz microprocessor, the 68040.

28. The first PowerPC microprocessor was the 601, a 32-bit implementation released in 1992.

29. Bit 9 is the inverse of bit 8.

30. The main microprocessor is a 16/32-bit Motorola 68000 CPU clocked at 7.6 MHz.

31. The page about Optimisations of AVR programs using avr-gcc explains how to get smaller code on an AVR 8 bit microprocessor, using avr-gcc or WinAVR.

32. There are only three other onboard chips: a 3.5 MHz Z80A 8-bit microprocessor from NEC, an uncommitted logic array (ULA) chip from Ferranti, and an 8 KB ROM providing a simple BASIC interpreter.

33. 8*6 bit ASCII characters

34. 8*6 Bit ASCII characters

35. The microprocessor comprises a working register file that comprises dirty bit registers and working registers.

36. With the NI LabVIEW Embedded Development Module, you can program graphically any 32-bit microprocessor.

37. Historically, 4-bit microprocessors were replaced with 8-bit, then 16-bit, then 32-bit microprocessors.

38. NEC introduces the 8-MHz V20 microprocessor, the first clone of Intel's 8088.

39. Shares of Intel Corp., the biggest microprocessor maker, fell 2 5 / 8 to

40. 8-bit is also a generation of microcomputers in which 8-bit microprocessors were the norm.

41. A case houses a speaker (9), microphone (8), visual display (15) and a microprocessor.

42. For each rotation of the cupwheel the microprocessor reads the five bit shaft encoder for direction.

43. Unicode can be encoded in units of 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit integers.

44. It also introduces the 8-MHz V30 microprocessor, the first clone of Intel's 8086.

45. The result is 100%Off, an 8-bit microprocessor that measures how much current is being used by an appliance during normal operation and when it is in stand-by.

46. Sun Microsystems introduces new Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 workstations, based on the 64-bit UltraSparc microprocessor.

47. In 2003, AMD shipped its 64-bit based microprocessor line for desktop computers, Opteron and Athlon 64.

48. The first multi-chip 16-bit microprocessor was the National Semiconductor IMP-16, introduced in early 1973.

49. The Ultra 1 is a family of Sun Microsystems workstations based on the 64-bit UltraSPARC microprocessor.

50. A 32-bit pixel depth defines an additional 8-bit alpha channel.

51. In 1992 , SGI released the first 64-bit MIPS microprocessor, the R4000, which was one of the first 64-bit microprocessors along with Digital's Alpha chip.

52. The Athlon XP microprocessor from AMD is a seventh-generation 32-bit CPU targeted at the consumer market.

53. I got bit when I was 8.

54. 8 Fruit has cheapened a bit lately.

55. The CP1600 is a 16-bit microprocessor created in a partnership between General Instrument and Honeywell in the 1970s.

56. ANSI Terminal, Baud Rate 2400, Parity N, Bit 8, and Bit Stop 1.

57. When microprocessors emerged to the market in the 1970s, Intersil participated with its 12-bit IM6100, which was the first microprocessor produced in CMOS technology and emulated the PDP-8 instruction set.

58. A microprocessor (8) is used to discount environmentally induced changes caused by temperature or traffic vibration.

59. The electric system's operation is based on microprocessor of 8 bits that incorporates a digital clock.

60. ‘Microprocessor microcircuits’,

61. Essentially, it used an 8-bit channel to exchange 7-bit ASCII data.

62. It was an 8- or 16-bit bus clocked at 8 MHz.

63. High dynamic range (HDR) rendering with 8-bit, 10-bit, and 16-bit per RGB color component support.

64. The Europe Card Bus (ECB or ECB-bus) is a computer bus developed in 1977 by the company Kontron, mainly for the 8-bit Zilog Z80, Intel 8080 and Intel 8085 microprocessor families.

65. The algorithm is optimized for 8-bit computers.

66. Universal peripheral interface CHMOS 8-bit slave microcontroller.

67. 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets

68. Conversion of information and control of the operating modes are performed by a bit-expandable microprocessor of the 589 series.

69. I mean, we have to be talking about a 32-bit microprocessor, which is inconceivable for something this small.

70. Today most mailers accept 8-bit characters, so you may send your post in 8-bit format (Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit).

71. Two alternative character sets may be used: 5-bit ITA2 or 8-bit ASCII.

72. 8 The intelligent home appliance controller based on CAN bus and LPC 2294 microprocessor was designed.

73. After these bits a stop bit is sent that terminates the 8 bit data block.

74. Many of the wavelets can be expressed exactly within 8-bit or 16-bit representations.

75. One experiment demonstrated reducing an 8-bit gray-scale image into 1 bit per pixel.

76. Another internal 32-bit parallel interface was used for the coupling the 8-bit to a 16-bit microcomputer card.

77. These systems are based on the 64-bit UltraSPARC microprocessor architecture and related to the contemporary Ultra series of computer workstations.

78. The MC14500B Industrial Control Unit (ICU) is a CMOS one-bit microprocessor designed by Motorola for simple control applications in 1977.

79. 8 Their moral values are a bit intolerant, too.

80. The microprocessor (8) also controls a mechanical holding brake (10) for the three-phase asynchronous motor (5).