Use "a" in a sentence

1. A pin a day a groat a year.

2. A-a deal's a deal.

3. A pin a day is a grout a year.

4. A phonograph, a radio, a car and a frigidaire .

5. A husband, a son, a friend, a brother, a business owner, a first-class honors graduate, a keen amateur photographer.

6. Or a whale, a louse, a rat, a fly?

7. A drifter, a cheater, a tinhorn.

8. A covenant is a contract, a compact, a solemn promise.

9. A Shambellie pug, a bather, a negro-a potted plant.

10. In the course of a single day, a parent may be a counselor, a cook, a housekeeper, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a friend, a mechanic, a nurse —the list goes on and on.

11. The active substance is e.g. a drug, a biocide, a fertiliser, a flavour, a protein or a microorganism.

12. A tripping device comprises a traction rod, a thermoelement, a bimetallic element, a magnetic system, a lock catch, and a jump pin.

13. I'm a Czech, I'm a Pole, a Lithuanian, a Vietnamese, an Afghani, a betrayed You.

14. A marsupial is a mammal with a pouch like a kangaroo.

15. ➤ Work in a team of four – a prompter, a timer, a recorder and a pointer.

16. As a wolf resembles a dog, so a flatterer a friend.

17. A freakishly thin a hanger a head?

18. A mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey.

19. A mule is a cross between a mare and a donkey.

20. Is it a virus, a worm, a Trojan, or a backdoor?

21. A cover for a bed ; a bedspread.

22. A burn, a cut, a broken bone.

23. A clause a section a legal document.

24. (a) A tract?

25. A, a-mis.

26. a State accepts a de facto situation, a legal claim, a competence or a power

27. It may come as a look, a frown, a word, a gesture, a verbal reproof.

28. An acre became a field, a hundredweight a ton, and a guinea became a fortune.

29. A tiglon is a cross between a lion and a tiger.

30. 7) A Shambellie pug, a bather, a negro-a potted plant.

31. A noise, a calamity, a great tempest!

32. MERCUTlO A sail, a sail, a sail!

33. A Kirin, a Sapporo or a Suntory?

34. Be it a duck, a sparrow, a linnet or a thrush.

35. So, uncomplicatedly, I don't see why it shouldn't also be a painting, a sculpture, a drawing, or a photographa Rembrandt, a Rodin, a Renoir or a Rothko.

36. An actuator for operating a valve comprises a housing, a cap, a ring, and a piston.

37. Today a shrine may be a temple, a church, or a niche where a person worships.

38. (a) a debt instrument, including a debt security, a loan, an advance and a demand deposit;

39. A woman who chairs a meeting is either a chairwoman or a chair, never a chairman.

40. A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both. 

41. I was no longer a consumer, a rate payer, a tenant, a card holder, a motorist.

42. A byte can represent a single character, as a letter a digit, or a punctuation mark.

43. A thief knows a thief as a wolf knows a wolf. 

44. A dead body of a male adult, a dead consignor, a target.

45. Officials include a mat chairman , a referee, a judge, and a timekeeper.

46. A Careful Timekeeper A clockmaker has a shop in a busy town.

47. A life without a purpose is a ship without a rudder. 

48. A freelance journalist a freelance musician a freelance actor a freelance financier?

49. A promise is a promise. ( made a promise and keep a promise ) .

50. However a few species are very rare, such as A. annamensis, A. beatricis, A. breviloba, A. stenophylla and A. guangxiensis.

51. When a knight fought, he usually carried a shield, a lance, a long sword, a battle-axe and a knife.

52. It include a stator parts, which make up of a middle axis of motor, a couplet-axis cover, a core liner ring, a winding core and a winding, and a rotor parts, which make up of a rotor, a cover and a bolt, a stator parts and a rotor parts connect through axles bearing, a stator parts and a rotor parts rotate relatively, a cover line ring of a stator parts having a hollow chamber adhibit and install a controller, a controller connect a winding through a dynamical current line, a controller derivation a timing signal line and a power supply from a hollow pipe of a middle axis of motor.

53. I own a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, and a digital camera.

54. A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 

55. 29 Campus facilities include a supermarket, a bakery, a bookshop and a newsagent , a hairdresser, a post office and two banks.

56. Repeat the experiment using a wooden ruler, a metal spoon, a coin, a tin lid, a pencil and a rubber eraser.

57. A: Yes, a briefcase and a tote bag.

58. A A wandering puppeteer goes to a town.

59. To a canary, a cat is a monster.

60. A lawyer, a translator or a hotel manager?

61. A mantis catches a cicada, a yellowbird behinds .

62. A hat, a pot holder, a can opener.

63. Seems a a banded baby found a adopter.

64. Pin a Day is a Groat a Year.

65. A horned man a monster and a beast.

66. A coward, a fool, a lot of things.

67. A Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Lion?

68. A hexagon, a cube; here comes a parallelogram.

69. Not a robot, a cyborg, a cyborgnetic organism.

70. A nanometre is a billionth of a metre.

71. 18 A rebuke a man of discernment a hundred lashes a fool.

72. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead all enter a swim meet.

73. Moor a ship to a dock; a dirigible moored to a tower.

74. 7) Accessories: a remote control, a power cord, a user manual, a lens paper, a product certification, a signal line, a back-up insurance control.

75. Edible - good to eat and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a Worm. Ambrose Bierce 

76. A healing abutment, a screw and a method

77. So a chip, a poet and a boy.

78. A dime is a tenth of a dollar.

79. 23 A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both. 

80. 16 A byte can represent a single character, as a letter a digit, or a punctuation mark.