Use "a amplifier" in a sentence

1. Common-emitter amplifier is a typical resistive class A amplifier.

2. A 30 - decibel amplifier offers no advantage over a 20 - decibel amplifier.

3. a multi-channel amplifier,

4. A power amplifier controller controls a power amplifier and is coupled to a polar modulator.

5. A polar loop amplifier arrangement

6. a multi-channel amplifier, and

7. Purpose: Audio frequency amplifier, driver stage amplifier applications.

8. Bridge Amplifier An amplifier installed on a CATV trunk cable to feed branching cables.

9. Purpose: audio power amplifier and driver stage amplifier applications.

10. Purpose: Audio frequency amplifier and driver stage amplifier Applications.

11. The seismic amplifier of ARA type is a integrated amplifier which can be shifted automatically.

12. While working on a means of reducing amplifier distortion, he devised the negative feedback amplifier.

13. The amplifier module is a polygraphic electro-physiological signal amplifier composed of several operational amplifiers.

14. Amplifier circuit and a/d converter

15. of the output amplifier (A¿4?)

16. Purpose: High frequency low noise amplifier, VHF band amplifier application.

17. A first driver amplifier drives the push transistor of the push-pull amplifier with a first RF signal.

18. an audio frequency amplifier unit, comprising at least an audio frequency amplifier and a sound generator,

19. In a further type of operation, the first amplifier amplifies with help from the second amplifier.

20. In-line amplifier

21. Dual amplifier balancers

22. — an audio frequency amplifier unit, comprising at least an audio frequency amplifier and a sound generator,

23. Furthermore, only one additional amplifier arrangement is generally required, even for a measuring amplifier having a plurality of channels.

24. It's like a three-channel stereo amplifier.

25. - channel amplifier (CAMP),

26. Amplifier output stage

27. Amplifier including dithering switch, and display driving circuit using the amplifier

28. Purpose: Audio frequency low power amplifier, driver stage amplifier, switching applications.

29. A solid-state rf power amplifier system

30. a flame ionisation detector and converter-amplifier

31. Buffer Amplifier An amplifier, usually in a gain of 1 or used to drive a heavy capacitive or resistive load.

32. Said amplifier element (Vi,,j) is used as an amplifier which activates a general trigger signal line (TRIG).

33. Have adopted a low-noise amplifier, high accuracy, low power consumption and other characteristics of Instrumentation amplifier AD6

34. A number of spectra are recorded at the output of the Raman amplifier during which the optical amplifier or the Raman amplifier is switched on and off and a high amplified spontaneous emission is generated at the input of the Raman amplifier.

35. seven-channel amplifier section,

36. Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier?

37. A quad amplifier contains four identical circuit units.

38. 07 as a buffer amplifier in the circuit.

39. The present application also discloses a signal input line connected to the first amplifier and the second amplifier.

40. Power amplifier comprising a switchable, high-impedance output

41. FET resistor, a differential amplifier would be needed.

42. The paper describes a fast logarithmic charge amplifier.

43. A single-ended class A amplifier output transformer is huge compared to a push-pull class A amplifier of the same power level.

44. Amplifier stage with a db-linear output voltage

45. A controllable optical amplifier module (100) is disclosed.

46. VAC? Video Amplifier Channel?

47. The amplifier consists of a low-noise preamplifier stage, a current-mode instrumentation amplifier stage, a buffer stage, and a constant-g_m bias stage.

48. Amplifying tubes, amplifier lamps

49. Below is a six-channel, 600-watt amplifier.

50. The amplifier exploded in a fountain of sparks.

51. RF vacuum tube amplifier.

52. VTA? Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

53. 16 Would you like a streamer and amplifier?

54. Air amplifier kit consisting of air amplifier, filter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge

55. Expounds the principle of audio frequency power amplifier is designed for manostat, preamplifier, volume control, power amplifier four parts digital power amplifier megaphone.

56. Two-stage operational amplifier

57. It passes through preamplifier, a band-pass filter, a second amplifier, a low-pass filter and an amplifier which has an adjustable enlargement factor .

58. This highly compact transceiver chipset consists of low noise amplifier, power amplifier with detector, voltage controlled oscillator with buffer amplifier, mixer and harmonic mixer.

59. 20 DC high voltage amplifier developed using amplitude modulation includes an amplitude modulator, a power amplifier, a step-up transformer, and a linear detector.

60. A parallel arranged linear amplifier and dc-dc converter

61. 17 The amplifier exploded in a fountain of sparks.

62. This paper introduced a DSP-based DC broadband amplifier. The device's amplification is achieved by the gain-controlled amplifier AD60

63. 6 DC high voltage amplifier developed using amplitude modulation includes an amplitude modulator, a power amplifier, a step-up transformer, and a linear detector.

64. A sense amplifier (12) provides the resistance state signal.

65. All the speakers hook up to a single amplifier.

66. The main amplifier demands a high rapidity in AGC.

67. Distributed amplifier which has characteristics of ultra-wideband, low noise, high gain etc is a good option of photoreceiver pre-amplifier.

68. The electrical signal is amplified by a transimpedance amplifier which is integrated with the photodiode, and is amplified further by a limiting amplifier.

69. Purpose: Audio frequency amplifier application.

70. Purpose: High power amplifier application.

71. A gating circuit of the power amplifier was introduced, this method successfully solutes the high noise defection of present power amplifier.

72. LM6172IN is a dual high speed voltage feedback amplifier.

73. Inkjet printer head driving amplifier

74. Bootstrapped, ac-coupled differential amplifier

75. Purpose: Audio frequency output amplifier.

76. Forward Wave Cross Field Amplifier?

77. Dual, high frequency, differential amplifier.

78. The receiver section is designed using the MAX3748 limiting amplifier (LA) and MAX3744 transimpedance amplifier (TIA).

79. Complete circuit diagram of the Class-A Headphone Amplifier Fig.

80. An 8 - channel electroencephalogram ( EEG ) amplifier is designed based on instrumentation amplifier and universal active filter.