Use "a display" in a sentence

1. Each display includes a display specification including a display requirement or requirements.

2. The invention relates to a display device, especially a display device for analog watches.

3. A display format file supplying unit supplies a display conversion file linked to the metadata.

4. Such a display of emotions was horrifying.

5. It certainly was a display of real love.”

6. The music ends with a display of bravura.

7. A display form simply is not a persistent identifier.

8. The military parade was a display of bellicose nationalism.

9. The crowd was entertained with a display of aerobatics.

10. A display device that uses a cathode ray tube.

11. She kept all her trophies in a display case.

12. What is a display of to be sexually attractive?

13. Upstairs there was a display case filled with toy figures.

14. What a display of grandeur and sheer force of will!

15. External vibrator having a display visible outside the vibrator housing

16. A display unit for mounting in a vehicle is provided.

17. A safety timer to protect a display from fault conditions

18. Display device comprising a display screen having a light-absorbing coating

19. This can result in a display with visibly more accurate colors.

20. But the public might demand such a display from a soldier.

21. Alamo Plaza is a display of Victorian architecture of the window.

22. She was leaning against a display case of prints of Paris.

23. 9 They have just put some pictures on a display board.

24. Cheap cards revolve on a display stand like a magic lantern.

25. A display reading part which is used for reading the individual information of electric discharge lamp displayed on a display part is installed in the shielding object .

26. 4 Alamo Plaza is a display of Victorian architecture of the window.

27. User interface and method for adapting a view of a display unit

28. Use of an integrated circuit as timed drive for a display matrix

29. The present application relates to a polarizer and to a display device.

30. Display device comprising a display screen provided with a light-absorbing coating

31. His father would have died if he had seen such a display.

32. What is it they make a display of to be sexually attractive?

33. There is provided amethod of driving a display of active matrix-type.

34. At present, holography is finding application as a display and advertising medium.

35. Battuta describes a ceremonial dinner followed by a display of martial skill.

36. Zhang took David to watch a display in downtown Indianapolis at Thanksgiving.

37. A display window on the laser gun provides an instant score-card.

38. Method for verifying a security document having a pattern, using a display device

39. Kublai made a display of strength to show he took my challenge seriously.

40. Is it exercise, communication, courtship, alarm, or just a display of good spirits?

41. I was s toldhere was a display or a plaque of some kind.

42. In videotex , a display character which can have one of 128 different shapes.

43. Miriam presiding over a display of woven baskets and woolly mitts - some hopes!

44. It consists of two main components: a pixel processor and a display processor.

45. There will be a display of bronze statuary in this museum next week.

46. 13) On a graphics VDU, to turn a display image about some axis.

47. Native creatives may be mixed with other creative types in a display line item.

48. A display case is filled with children's bags and backpacks, including a pink windmill.

49. Trials bike champ, Steve put on a display to show what can be achieved.

50. We plan to mount a display of the children's work in the lobby area.

51. Provided are a method for providing a UI and a display device adopting same.

52. A method and a device for measuring a trailing afterimage of a display device.

53. A display of bushido on the road to Nanking: the killing of innoccent peasants.

54. In one embodiment, a smart remote-control device includes a keypad and a display.

55. An active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) pixel unit circuit and a display panel.

56. Method and device for detecting an incorrect representation of image data on a display unit

57. A display device capable of displaying both 3D image and a 2D image is provided.

58. The Ramblers pass a soccer ball back and forth, a display of agility and grace.

59. In computer graphics, to change a display image, for example, by scaling, rotating, or translating.

60. 2 Smarty has two facets: a PHP application programming interface (API) and a display engine.

61. Method and system for measuring the impact of an advertising message on a display panel

62. The measured air pressure may be displayed on a display (125) on the pencil gauge.

63. 5 In a display of false holiness, they would “for a pretext make long prayers.”

64. If you're advertising your products through a display campaign, use the display_ads_link [display_ads_link] attribute instead.

65. A computing device that is configured to receive input commands via a display is described.

66. The viewing cone may be produced by an array of optical fibers on a display.

67. The museum at the Harvard Medical School dedicates a display case to the " crowbar skull. "

68. This stereoscopic display device (10) comprises a display panel (12) and a parallax barrier (42).

69. Light modulator for a display for displaying two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional image contents

70. Until recently, Camille would have responded to a rebuke with a display of bestial ferocity.

71. In computer graphics, the number of addressable points on a display surface or in storage.

72. In computer graphics, to increase by a common factor the dimension of a display image.

73. A method and a device are adapted for three-dimensional control, especially of a display.

74. The processing element further provides for a display of a description of the second function.

75. Method and device for the illustration of ordinate/abscissa value pairs on a display unit

76. But only one of them has a petrified cat in a display case above the bar.

77. Selected television programs can be displayed on a display device (3) or can be recorded automatically.

78. It opened its mouth, growling deep in its throat in a display of wickedly sharp teeth.

79. You need add a called line indicator or buy a display telephone set after your application.

80. In the left handinstrument panel , there is a display for engine speed and the trip computer.