Use "a font" in a sentence

1. It's a font.

2. You pissed in a font?

3. Click to select a font

4. I need a font that looks like handwriting.

5. The function selects a font to draw text.

6. (b) using a font size in accordance with Article 13(2).

7. Search for a font and prepare it for later use with PDF_setfont() .

8. You may be using a font that's too large for the screen.

9. The DVI code referred to a font which was not previously defined

10. However, missionaries should not expect to use a font at unreasonable times.

11. We're not saying anything if you use a font that everybody else uses.

12. I want to use Arial as a font and have the text red.

13. The pictorial representation of a font character(, represented internally by a bitmap.

14. It was outdoors...I was not weeing in a font. I resent that remark

15. The function will issue an error if a font was not set before with ps_setfont() .

16. Compared with its ultramodern counterparts in Europe and Japan, Amtrak is not a font of innovation.

17. Previous guidance recommended a font such as 12 pt Times Roman or equivalent for body text.

18. This information base is then manipulated using a font descriptor file to generate a particular font.

19. The status line shows all of the menu options: Press 1 to search for a font change.

20. You certainly are a font of military history, but I still don't see how that's relevant to us.

21. Google font name: Choose a font from that looks appropriate for both computer and mobile size previews.

22. The SR has the word "Sport Runner" written in a font set similar to the one used for the Supra.

23. Typographically speaking, one has to distinguish between a font family and its multiple font faces, which usually differ in style though come from the same template.

24. Font family A font family is a group of fonts that resemble one another, with family members that are e. g. bold, italic, or any number of the above

25. Without prejudice to the second subparagraph of Article 10(3) of this Regulation , for the presentation of alcoholic beverages, the allusion shall appear in a font size smaller than those used for the sales denomination and compound term.