Use "a priori probability" in a sentence

1. Unified iterative decoding architecture using joint llr extraction and a priori probability

2. A priori probability of occurrence of sentences representing each emotional status is calculated .

3. The use of a time-dependent a priori probability in the classifier models was also investigated.

4. When Bayes's theorem is used esti mation of the a priori probability is problematic on several counts.

5. These data are necessary to estimate the relative a priori probability of possible carcinomas. Based on Bayes' theorem, the a priori probability can then be used to calculate the diagnostically relevant predictive values for immunostaining results with the chosen markers.

6. The best performance obtained was achieved by a linear discriminant classifier model using a time-dependent a priori probability.

7. Decision problems in which one can admit that a priori probability distributions are vectors belonging to anuncertainty convex cone K, are considered.

8. The a priori probability represents the probability of successful AV conduction at a current patient condition determined based on the measured parameters.

9. This selective pacing is performed based on a priori probability determined using the support information and a measured set of N parameters.

10. The first theory seems less likely, and its a priori probability is set at 1%, while the probability of the second is logically set to 99%.

11. He then shows how this idea can be used to generate the universal a priori probability distribution and how it enables the use of Bayes rule in inductive inference.

12. Finally, the testing method is very important, since it bears the risk of false negative test results because the a priori probability of a positive test result is >95%.

13. Verification of a causative relationship between intervention and results not only depends on the study design but also on recognized criteria for causality, the a priori probability, and the extent of the treatment effect observed.

14. You know what, get us a layout of the crime scene, and we can run an a priori probability distribution search, which won't tell you where the shoe was picked up, but it will give you search zones.