Use "a test" in a sentence

1. A test of sorts.

2. Take a test drive.

3. Is this a test?

4. a test ban treaty.

5. This is not a test.

6. That was just a test.

7. I don't need a test.

8. You were a test pilot.

9. Time for a test run.

10. Take a test as an example.

11. Take a test; Take the plunge.

12. 14 Go for a test-drive.

13. The smile is actually a test.

14. Set up and start a test

15. Take It for a Test Drive.

16. The father was a test tube baby.

17. The marathon is a test of endurance .

18. Mine helped to lose a Test match.

19. Call it a test of soldiery, then.

20. LGBT rights should be a test case.

21. A test case was brought to court.

22. They developed a test to detect malingering.

23. Even this sortie was a test flight.

24. Unable to open a test swap file.

25. These things are a test of character.

26. You know, give it a test drive.

27. You need it to take a test.

28. It was a test and nothing more.

29. A test of new data object plugin system

30. A test socket and a fabrication method therefor

31. I hold a test tube in my hand.

32. They made a century in a test match.

33. Another common testing scheme provides a test mode that forces some part of the logic machine to enter a "test cycle."

34. RPT creates numerous files during the course of recording a test, creating a schedule, and executing a test or a schedule.

35. Actually, a test can provide very helpful information.

36. Can I take it for a test drive?

37. Your G Suite account comes with a test domain alias, and each user is automatically assigned a test domain email address:

38. A test satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral.

39. It is a test for the euro itself.

40. We have a test on irregular verbs tomorrow.

41. Instead, create a test account username and password.

42. 14 I can't. I have a test tomorrow.

43. They'd created a tumor in a test tube.

44. This short crossing would be a test run.

45. If the problem occurs at a test centre, please:

46. It was a test of his stamina and resolve.

47. Adequate study before a test will give you confidence

48. He never held a test tube in his hand.

49. The game demo lets you take a test drive.

50. A test of rightness would indicate the opposite conclusion.

51. Running a marathon is a test of human endurance.

52. A test run would be useful to the statisticians.

53. I've never fallen asleep on a test-drive before.

54. But some people experience crippling anxiety before a test.

55. The long separation was a test of their love.

56. We will have a test the week after next.

57. He's taken the car out on a test run.

58. KR: It is a test, but it is winter.

59. The diagram in Figure 2 shows one possible workflow for a test team that consists of a test manager, test lead, tester, and lab manager.

60. Apply the brake during a test on a brake tester.

61. Before buying the car I went for a test drive.

62. A test ban is the least of the proliferators' worries.

63. Being a test pilot is an inherently very risky business.

64. Then I put it into a test loop, and voilà.

65. Check the acidity of the soil with a test kit.

66. Such a motion is considered a test of backbench opinion.

67. Switch off, disconnect and cover A test run is important.

68. It's a test that civilizations have faced down the ages.

69. Do you think maybe this boat needs a test ride?

70. “This is a test for the new Politburo,” said Adams.

71. The optician asked him to point to a test card.

72. Hey, it even ships with a test suite that's 20 lines.

73. Article # establishes a test for distinguishing international cases from domestic ones

74. Accelerate the car up to highway speed on a test-drive.

75. I now propose a test for computer voices -- the Ebert test.

76. A test drive should convince you that Mazda are going places.

77. Five years later - the Ashes series - he was a Test selector.

78. And he took me out in it for a test drive.

79. Sam : Baozhongsounds similar to the verb phrase, to pass a test.

80. Are we to understand you have made a test-tube baby?