Use "a trifle" in a sentence

1. A trifle?

2. Just a trifle.

3. What a trifle!

4. A trifle blasphemous

5. A trifle pretentious?

6. Oh, it's a trifle.

7. A trifle coarsened perhaps.

8. I'm a trifle dazed.

9. That's a trifle unfair.

10. A trifle shady, mademoiselle.

11. It's a trifle incident.

12. Oh, it's just a trifle.

13. Are you a trifle chicken?

14. She seemed a trifle anxious.

15. Just a trifle, you know.

16. I'm feeling a trifle queasy.

17. Loosen the mouth a trifle.

18. Well, perhaps a trifle pale.

19. Grange answered a trifle harshly.

20. He may be a trifle late.

21. They an altercation about a trifle.

22. This dress is a trifle short.

23. You were a trifle too quick.

24. This chair is a trifle rocky.

25. Try turning the key a trifle .

26. I'm a trifle deaf these days.


28. A trifle, some eight-penny matter.

29. It' s getting a trifle dim

30. Isn't the meat a trifle tough?

31. That I consider a trifle impertinent, inspector!

32. Perhaps they are a trifle too confident.

33. A career can rest on a trifle

34. Darling, could you speak a trifle louder?

35. Just a trifle more, I fancy, Watson.

36. They had an altercation about a trifle.

37. No, the others are a trifle late.

38. The castle above is just a trifle.

39. You seem a trifle agitated, dear brother.

40. "Why?" asked the daughter, a trifle irritated.

41. A trifle aged to enjoy all those millions.

42. Quiet, contained, a trifle prissy-but unfailingly polite.

43. You know a trifle about weapon design too

44. Not to be a trifle smug, or anything.

45. The wine has made him a trifle tipsy.

46. Yeah, she is a trifle pushy, our Mildred.

47. I'll have just a trifle of the dessert.

48. I' m afraid Ugo' s a trifle sick

49. And now the admiral became a trifle excited.

50. For a moment, I was a trifle suspicious.

51. You know a trifle about weapon design too.

52. You would find the conversation a trifle one- sided

53. It is a pretty story, albeit a trifle naif.

54. He glanced a trifle apprehensively towards the crowded ballroom.

55. It is only a trifle, so it can wait

56. Alas, they are just a trifle over life size.

57. He got himself all worked up over a trifle.

58. You have to pay a trifle with a cheque?

59. "There we go," said Diane, a trifle too cheerily.

60. Knowing a trifle about everything gives life more color

61. A trifle unrestrained but perhaps with Apollo's continued fellowship...

62. A father and a mother, are but a trifle

63. Intensive training is making many activists a trifle monosyllabic.

64. I'm a trifle confused about the arrangements for tonight.

65. Oh, a trifle... for a lady of your obvious accomplishments.

66. A trifle uncouth, but the best soldier we' # ever see

67. Therefore, she did not consider them a trifle, something irrelevant?

68. His background is a trifle dubious, to say the least.

69. You don' t think it' il look a trifle coincidental?

70. A trifle uncouth, but the best soldier we'll ever see.

71. Don't you think i s a trifle over your head?

72. Eyes almond shaped, moderately spaced and set a trifle obliquely.

73. The Prime Minister smiled again, this time a trifle frostily.

74. A: Surely Jim wouldn't lie over a trifle like that.

75. She does tend to find the detail a trifle wearisome.

76. A trifle on the skinny side, but mighty good - looking.

77. The rest of the costumes do look a trifle ... stale.

78. He was just a trifle too friendly for my liking.

79. Now, you must admit, it's just a trifle silly. [ INTERCOM BUZZES ]

80. I don't want to make a fuss over such a trifle.