Use "a-ok" in a sentence

1. I really feel A-OK.

2. The party went off A-OK.

3. Shepard reported: "Everything is A-OK."

4. I rewhichley feel a-OK ago exercising.

5. I really feel a-OK after exercising.

6. A: OK, our repairman will come to your room.

7. The expression A-OK means the situation is fine .

8. Everything's been going A-OK since Jack got home.

9. Molly: You would do that for me? You are A-OK.

10. 16 A: OK , what price range do you have in mind?

11. The expression A-OK means the situation is fine . A-ok is a Space Age expression. it was used in 1961 during a flight of an american astronaut .

12. George had a physical six months ago, and he was A-OK.

13. Then there is the expression A-OK. This means everything is fine.

14. A: OK. Now let's move on to the packing material. First, boxes?

15. We took the car in for a check, and it was A-OK.

16. American A-OK sign is an obscene gestures in many cultures of Europe.

17. A: OK. I hope it won't be returned, I dont like a rain check.

18. The doctor says I'm A-OK now, that there's absolutely nothing wrong with me.

19. Women’s interfaith groups have also organized A-OK! weekends in Detroit and Orange County, Calif.

20. Unique design, advanced technology, abundant style, make you fully feel modern vogue A-OK effect.

21. A - OK - tech private enterprise in manufacturing, selling, installation of water treatment whole equipment and automatic system.

22. This weekend, on the anniversary of the attacks, Women Transcending Boundaries is conducting the second annual A-OK!

23. Donsen company will still strengthen corporate management, continually develop high quality products, afford customers A-OK products and services.

24. As the rocket arched out of sight, there was the feeling that everything would be A-OK all the way.

25. I would welcome any roles that come my way, but right now I'm A-OK with having a gay path.

26. A-OK series wireless control system of motor is completely compatible with various tube motor and synchronous motor and so on.

27. When we got home that night, after we put Shoshana to bed, he said modestly, "Well, I think we hit it off A-OK."

28. While many simple breads are a-OK, containing just four ingredients (flour, yeast, water, and salt) many breads and baked goods are made with whey (a dairy product) or with butter, eggs, or sugar.