Use "a-pylon" in a sentence

1. It is like a pylon.

2. No, he crashed into a pylon.

3. Device for protecting the legs of a pylon

4. For selection, a pylon is a minor provocation.

5. It usually takes a few minutes to replace a pylon.

6. It's a pylon - one of those orange traffic cones.

7. I don't think Buffy will be broken up over a pylon.

8. Foundation of a pylon: very durable lower part of a tower.

9. The invention also relates to an aircraft comprising such a pylon.

10. Phase Prism can power Protoss buildings in absence of a Pylon.

11. A helicopter twin-bladed main rotor, mounted on a pylon (Robinson R44).

12. No offence, but this is black ops and you look like a pylon.

13. Method for reinforcing a pylon, in particular for supporting catenaries, and pylon thus reinforced

14. A pylon device (10) for suspending a payload (12) beneath an aircraft wing or fuselage.

15. Additions included a second temple behind a pylon, another courtyard, probably without pillars, and several chapels.

16. Fairing for a pylon via which a turbine engine is suspended from a wing of an aircraft.

17. Turboshaft engine attached to a pylon of the fuselage of an aircraft by a failsafe suspension system

18. Fairing for a pylon via which a turbine engine is suspended from a wing of an aircraft

19. A preferred embodiment of a pylon has six pylon mounting links for mounting the pylon to an airframe.

20. An aircraft comprises a turbine engine (104) suspended from a wing (102) by means of a pylon (105).

21. The pylon (14) includes a pylon bifurcation portion (16), having an upper end (23) and a lower end.

22. In the same month, a widespread power failure darkened Kabul when a pylon on the transmission line from the Naghlu power station was blown up.

23. And then you have the knee, and here I've got a single axis on the knee so you can see how it rotates, and then a pylon, and then a foot.

24. The aforementioned stele from Hermopolis, placed before a pylon of Ramesses II, lists the donations made by Nectanebo to the local deities, and other benefits were also granted to the priesthood of Horus at Edfu.

25. The present invention discloses a film composition for bonding with which a midsole made of EVA foam and an outsole made of rubber are introduced into a pylon mold, a bonding film is inserted therebetween, and the two undergo simultaneous forming at high temperature and under pressure, so that a washing process, a primer application process, and a bonding process which are required in the manufacture of an outsole and a midsole are not needed, there is no need for separate equipment for the washing and bonding processes, the number of unnecessary workers can be reduced, and also, the manufacture is environmentally friendly and the work environment can be improved.