Use "a.d.c" in a sentence

1. (Troop Commander: Captain George H. Kuhse, C.D., A.D.C.)


3. M.2 Production two-seat version with one 95 hp A.D.C. Cirrus IIIA engine.

4. M.2B Long-range single-seater powered by an A.D.C Cirrus Hermes IV, one-built.

5. I pull the A.D.C. Book to find a location, and I'm on the same page number as the second hand.

6. From September 1875 to February 1878 he was superintendent of Bermuda Dockyard, and from November 1876 to February 1878 a naval A.D.C. to Queen Victoria.

7. ISAAC BROCK Maj. Gen. and President Head Quarters Fort - George 22nd July, 1812 By Order of His Honor the President. J.B. GLEGG Capt. A.D.C. GOD SAVE THE KING.

8. Lieut.-Colonel A. W. Currie to 1st (Provisional) Brigade; Lieut.-Colonel M. S. Mercer to 3rd (Provisional) Brigade; Colonel R. E. W. Turner, V.C., D.S.O., A.D.C., to 4th (Provisional) Brigade.

9. He had been A.D.C. to Queen Victoria and to King Edward VII, and wore the bronze medal of the Royal Humane Society, awarded for diving into the Nile to rescue a man overboard.

10. Two new binomia are:Eriomycopsis paraensisBatista &Peres n. sp. on leaves ofBertholletia excelsa H.B.K. from Belem, State of Pará, Brazil,Sporidesmium americanenseBatista &Peres n. sp. on leaves ofQuercus wislizenii A.D.C., from U.S.A. andSporidesmium cookei (Hughes)W.

11. The camp staff was actually formed on 20th August; Colonel V. A. S. Williams, A.D.C., was named Camp Commandant, and was thus removed from his position as Adjutant-General at a most critical time.

12. --From The First Campaign of an A.D.C. [Aide-de-Camp] a series of articles found in the Military and Naval Magazine of the United States, 1833, pp 258-259, with thanks to Don Graves.

13. As I told you in my telegram the troops behaved well on the occasion of their first meeting with the enemy, but I must confess to you that it was very near being otherwise, and if it had not been for myself and A.D.C.’s it would have been a disaster.

14. The composition of twelve provisional infantry battalions in terms of N.P.A.M. regiments appeared in Valcartier Camp Orders of 22nd August;83 to a large extent the basis of organization was territorial, but it differed widely from the allotments of 10th August.50 In the same Order, the first senior appointment was made when Colonel R. E. W. Turner, V.C., D.S.O., A.D.C., Reserve of Officers, was posted to the temporary command of the then 1st (Provisional) Infantry Brigade which, though not announced, included the then 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Provisional Battalions.