Use "abdicate" in a sentence

1. I'll abdicate.

2. The old must abdicate new.

3. So please do not abdicate your responsibility.

4. In February Qingdi was forced to abdicate.

5. Many parents simply abdicate all responsibility for their children.

6. The king was forced to abdicate the throne .

7. Did the king abdicate or was he deposed?

8. According to her, Pakistan was not trying to abdicate responsibility.

9. (Genesis 19:17-22) Did Jehovah abdicate his authority?

10. When governments abdicate this steering responsibility, disaster often follows.

11. She was forced to abdicate the throne of Spain.

12. The aging founder of the university decided to abdicate.

13. Ron Taffel bluntly put it, many parents “abdicate their authority.”

14. God did not abdicate his sovereignty, nor did he abandon his purpose.

15. Puyi , who is just like an outcast, read out the abdicate rescript.

16. One is abdicate gives Baoermo, this is nodded very difficult.

17. The reason I wnat to abdicate is to try something different.

18. In 1564 he abruptly withdrew from Moscow and threatened to abdicate.

19. If the king does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned.

20. Yuan Shikai forced emperor to abdicate and hand over power to him.

21. But abdicate all responsibility for investing and monitoring their hard - earned savings.

22. He retired and abdicate the position to a young man in summer.

23. A king , realizing his incompetence, can either delegate or abdicate his duties.

24. If the King does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned.

25. By invoking testosterone a man can abdicate responsibility for his own behaviour.

26. Yuan Shikai forced the emperor to abdicate and hand over power to him.

27. His declining health added weight to speculation that the king would soon abdicate.

28. He succeeded his uncle, Shō Sen'i, who was forced to abdicate in his favor.

29. They cannot rightly abdicate this responsibility by allowing their children to choose for themselves.

30. In the campaign of 1293 they pillaged 14 Russian towns, finally forcing Dmitry to abdicate.

31. Whether Edward would abdicate in favour of his brother became the question of the hour.

32. 23 Before 3 months, abdicate of Zhi Wei soup and home are happy part company.

33. Every one of Pakistan's democratically-elected civilian leaders has been forced to abdicate by the army.

34. In late autumn Kabul was besieged by rebel forces, and Amanullah was eventually forced to abdicate.

35. The first: I should walk into presidential government office, tell that pig, his policy too abdicate.

36. As soon as comparatively, the pig cattle and sheep and so on other meats abdicate plan.

37. Even though they are few in number, they cannot abdicate their responsibility to the great crowd.

38. A complete kitchen, to not abdicate the intimacy of a supper at home, also when you travel.

39. On 24 July, she was forced to abdicate in favour of her one-year-old son James.

40. (1 Timothy 5:8) Never should one abdicate this Scriptural responsibility simply for the sake of convenience.

41. The conflict was resolved when Christopher and Anthony I forced John VI and George to abdicate in 1529.

42. Do you as husband take the role of head seriously, or do you abdicate it to your wife?

43. Emperor Rudolph—whose health was failing—was forced to abdicate as King of Bohemia by his brother Matthias.

44. Or more probably because we have allowed government to abdicate its real responsibilities : its responsibilities to us .

45. His message was to strike, disrupt, riot, and create chaos until the Shah was forced to abdicate.

46. On 19 August, Richard surrendered to Percy at Flint Castle, promising to abdicate if his life were spared.

47. Where public health is involved, a Member State should not be expected to abdicate its responsibilities in this way.

48. Mary had been forced to abdicate and held captive for the best part of a year in Scotland.

49. Napoleon wanted to keep fighting, but his marshals refused, forcing the Emperor of the French to abdicate on April 6, 1814.

50. It became necessary for the president, Colonel José María Lemus, to abdicate the presidency and leave the country the following month.

51. But once we abdicate our powers of reason in this way, we may as well believe anything at all.

52. Having fought so hard for our freedom, we are not ready to abdicate our independence of judgment to others.

53. Having fought so hard for our freedom, we were not ready to abdicate our independence of judgment to others.

54. In June 2014, King Juan Carlos of Spain announced his intent to abdicate in favor of his son, Felipe.

55. After all it is the decision of the King to abdicate in favour of his son and we have welcomed the decision.

56. However, the coalition victors refused to acknowledge his son as successor, and Napoleon I was forced to abdicate unconditionally some days later.

57. On December 2, 1975, the king was forced to abdicate his throne and the Lao People's Democratic Republic was established.

58. This is not a reason why district ethics committees should yield to pressure to abdicate their responsibilities to local citizens.

59. On Jan. 18 Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown as a group of businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.

60. However, during the German occupation, Haakon VII said he would abdicate rather than appoint a collaborationist government led by Vidkun Quisling.

61. On the subject of genetics and behavior, the questions arise: Can we abdicate our responsibilities and accept no blame for our actions?

62. The United Nations, and the General Assembly, cannot abdicate the responsibility to secure fulfilment of the development goals and commitments that have been undertaken

63. The first "official" opposition came from An-Nasir bey on April 8, 1922, when he threatened to abdicate if his 18 requests were not satisfied.

64. MANY women who need extra income, but who do not want to abdicate their role as housewives, have tried an interesting alternative: working at home.

65. Unless the US can get its fiscal house in order, it will be forced to abdicate leadership on a wide range of critical global issues.

66. Arabian political and religious leader who led a revolt against the Turks and proclaimed himself king of Hejaz (19. He was forced to abdicate in 19

67. He implemented several buildings in Altenburg, but his government was considered conservative and resistant to reform; for this, he was forced to abdicate during the civil revolution of 1848.

68. According to her, Pakistan was not trying to abdicate responsibility and is committed to assist the process to bring the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice.

69. Arabian political and religious leader who led a revolt against the Turks and proclaimed himself king of Hejaz (1916). He was forced to abdicate in 1924.

70. It also offers us a way to find a multilateral approach for settling global affairs rather than abdicate our responsibilities in favour of a self-appointed directorate.

71. He should never abdicate this responsibility as an embarrassment to his masculinity and leave the decisions for his wife and the doctor (usually another man) to make.

72. And because these problems cannot be solved within our own borders, no one has either the right to abdicate responsibility for the consequences or the luxury of doing so

73. (Proverbs 29:21) To abdicate parental authority by permissiveness brings shame and shows not love but indifference; to use the rod of discipline kindly but firmly reflects loving concern.

74. The following year, however, Venice and Milan formed a colation against Francesco, who was forced to abdicate in favour of his son and to go into exile in Lombardy.

75. In several cases the new Emperor ascended the throne after marrying the previous Emperor's widow, or indeed after forcing the previous Emperor to abdicate and become a monk.

76. (Romans 1:26-32) Christian parents cannot afford to abdicate their responsibility to control their children’s choice of music and entertainment just because the parents have difficulty understanding the language.

77. (Ephesians 5:23) Thus, the husband is not to abdicate his responsibility but to shoulder it manfully; nor is he to be tyrannical or harsh but, rather, loving, reasonable, and kind.

78. Rather than abandon his plans to marry Simpson, he chose to abdicate in favour of Albert, who reluctantly became King in his place on 11 December 1936 under the regnal name of George VI.

79. The resistance was so great—Henriëtte was Catholic and a native of Belgium, which had seceded from the Netherlands—that William decided to abdicate in favour of his son William II on 7 October 1840.

80. In December 1909, a proposal to create peers (to give the Liberals a majority in the Lords) or give the prime minister the right to do so was considered "outrageous" by Knollys, who thought the King should abdicate rather than agree to it.