Use "aboriginal" in a sentence

1. When I began Aboriginal radio, there was no Aboriginal music.

2. Aboriginal Financial Institutions Aboriginal Capital Corporations Reports and Studies Industry Portfolio Links ABC Site Map Aboriginal Capital Corporations

3. • Aboriginal Employment Programs

4. He's an aboriginal.

5. An Aboriginal corroboree

6. Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

7. Working with Aboriginal Financial Institutions ABC works with a network of 54 Aboriginal Financial Institutions, including Aboriginal Capital Corporations, Aboriginal Community Futures Development Corporations and other Aboriginally-owned or controlled lending institutions.

8. Community and Aboriginal Consultation Costs:

9. Community and Aboriginal Consultation Costs


11. Forcible suppression of Aboriginal culture.

12. Aboriginal Head Start is an early intervention strategy addressing the needs of Aboriginal children and their families.

13. I've never met an Aboriginal before.

14. • Cost-sharing Resourcing of Aboriginal Governments

15. To ensure that Aboriginal exporters are showcased to the world, an on-line Aboriginal marketplace is under development.

16. In addition to constitutional protection of Aboriginal rights, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled several times on Aboriginal rights on several occasions and found that Aboriginal rights exist in law.

17. The AWP/FVI should continue to enable Aboriginal women's organizations to focus on Aboriginal women, their families and communities.

18. • Rate of Aboriginal recidivism for AJS participants Aboriginal people charged with an offence have access to culturally sensitive services

19. • Addressing the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal offenders;

20. However, there are a number of Aboriginal groups who have claimed but not yet proven Aboriginal title in court.

21. These aboriginal rights protect the activities, practice, or traditions that are integral to the distinct cultures of the aboriginal peoples.

22. Also, there are nine or more aboriginal languages.

23. Aboriginal communities have expressed concern that current adoption and alternative care practices are not consistent with the best interests of children, in those situations involving the placement of Aboriginal children with non-Aboriginal parents.

24. This means that there no longer will be Aboriginal language speakers whose unilingualism forces others to communicate in the Aboriginal language.

25. • Contribution to the "National Aboriginal Agenda for Action".

26. The Kaivartas were mainly aboriginal fishermen tribal communities.

27. In addition, AARD is frequently consulted on Aboriginal affairs by across government agencies, who by virtue of their role are responsible for various legislation concerning the detention of Aboriginal persons and investigating Aboriginal deaths in custody

28. In addition, AARD is frequently consulted on Aboriginal affairs by across government agencies, who by virtue of their role are responsible for various legislation concerning the detention of Aboriginal persons and investigating Aboriginal deaths in custody.

29. In that city there has been considerable acrimony between various Aboriginal groups and the lead federal officials, and among various Aboriginal participants.

30. They managed to wipe out the entire aboriginal population.

31. Our family lived in bark humpies, traditional Aboriginal dwellings.

32. Other languages include Hakka, English and several aboriginal dialects.

33. In 1930, Gibbs helped run a camp to support unemployed Aboriginal workers, and in 1933 she organised a strike for Aboriginal pea-pickers.

34. There are 30 active Aboriginal capital corporations in Canada.

35. Aboriginal Business Canada’s support for capital costs is limited.

36. Customer: I want dress for lubra (Aboriginal word for wife).

37. The RFSO provides for authorization of up to 2 standing offers with aboriginal firms under the Government of Canada’s Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Business.

38. • Aboriginal Communities and Minerals and Metals Activities Map (On-Line)

39. Resolution on the protection of the aboriginal people of Australia

40. E. Implications for ABC ABC provides support to Aboriginal businesses.

41. Most railway sidings on the Nullarbor have lyrical aboriginal names.

42. • Supporting Aboriginal students enrolled in Algonquin College's "Systems Support Specialist Program":

43. This is aimed at protecting the aboriginal sites on the Franklin.

44. However, when can we expect to receive the response which we requested from the government on the report of the Committee on Aboriginal Peoples on aboriginal veterans?

45. However, today there are several rural towns that have a high proportion of Aboriginal residents, and there are still some entirely Aboriginal settlements, mainly in outback areas.

46. (e)Support proposals for the management of aboriginal subsistence whaling that:

47. The Wiradjuri are the largest Aboriginal group in New South Wales.

48. Aboriginal Olympic runner Cathy Freeman has spoken out on the issue.

49. Relations with Aboriginal people and other northerners were conducted almost absent-mindedly, when mineral discoveries and sudden migrations of non-Aboriginal people threatened sovereignty or international peace.

50. " Monga, in Ketagalan ( aboriginal tribe lived in Taipei ) dialect, means canoe.

51. He has lived among the aboriginal inhabitants for a few years.

52. Almost 10 percent of Aboriginal publishers are pioneers, or full-time ministers!

53. Support from Aboriginal Business Canada assisted Big Soul with business planning costs.

54. The department independence, and accountable provides funding to enable Status Aboriginal governments.

55. • How to achieve positive results in recruiting, advancing and retaining Aboriginal employees.

56. • Cost effective and supported by Aboriginal community, public and private sector resourcing

57. Adopting an Aboriginal child, Sarah, is much more complicated than you realize.

58. Aboriginal Art Catalogue: Paintings and Information for Darby Jampijinpa Ross of Australia.

59. Aboriginal Art Catalogue: Paintings and Information for Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa of Australia.

60. No statistics are collected on Aboriginal and community consultation costs per se.

61. Many Canadians have expressed concern about the cost of settling Aboriginal grievances.

62. Widespread distribution of the Aboriginal population increases the costs of providing services.

63. It’s Canadian, it’s Aboriginal so that’s your advantage, quality and low cost.

64. What costs are associated with efforts to increase Aboriginal participation in mining?

65. Aboriginal Communities Community Source of Issues PIP CEC WR INPUT ABOR CONSULT

66. Speaker, as the aboriginal population grows the crisis deepens and costs rise

67. • Human capital Connecting Aboriginal people to government and industry Accessing international markets

68. And the Athabasca River drains downstream to a range of aboriginal communities.

69. Mice, deer and all these islands' aboriginal inhabitants are left far behind.

70. Of those who see an impact, all believe that ABC's programming leads to increased self-reliance by Aboriginal entrepreneurs and to improved levels of business success for Aboriginal Canadians.

71. Today the aboriginal inhabitants compose less than 2 percent of the population.

72. And the Athabasca River drains downstream to a range of Aboriginal communities.

73. And yet the Aboriginal people do not use them for their maps.

74. Aboriginal Culture Festival Grand Opening at Taipei's National museum of History was attended by over 600 people, including Premier Vincent Siew and Council of Aboriginal Affairs Chairman Hua Chi-chih.

75. This situation entails a considerable cost to Aboriginal people and to Canadians generally.

76. Federal Off-Loading of Costs of Services for Aboriginal Peoples Progress to Date:

77. The ATSIC Aboriginal All-Stars also participate in the AFL pre-season competition.

78. There are indeed cases of leaders of aboriginal groups offering to pay yasak.

79. The first and largest cost results from the economic marginalization of Aboriginal people.

80. Stories such as this will only make people wary of buying Aboriginal art.