Use "airless" in a sentence

1. Airless pumps

2. Airless paint sprayers

3. Airless spray tip

4. Airless spray pump

5. Airless spray nozzle

6. Airless pump mechanism and pump-type product provided with airless pump mechanism

7. The airless Mexican walked boldly out.

8. Into a sucking airless void?

9. Airless spraying apparatus and method

10. Airless paint sprayer outlet check valve

11. At least some of the steam generated in the airless spray drying step is airless steam.

12. Now back to your cold airless tomb.

13. Airless spray application method for polymer dispersion

14. British informal an airless smoky smelly atmosphere.

15. The classroom was airless and uncomfortably hot.

16. It was a hot , airless evening.

17. The night was hot and airless.

18. Defoamers for airless paint spray application

19. He cleaned up with an airless vacuum

20. It was a hot still airless day.

21. Piston for an airless-type cosmetic container

22. The room was suffocating -- hot and airless.

23. The merits of airless spray are introduced.

24. Good applicability by standard airless spray equipment.

25. It's so airless in here - I can hardly breathe.

26. I felt I was stifling in the airless room.

27. Open the window, please, It's quite airless here.

28. The air around him felt dank and airless.

29. My hotel room was small, airless and uncomfortable.

30. APPLICATION METHOD: brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray.

31. It is accessible only through a monitored airless antechamber.

32. Airless spray gun having overhead valve and removable head

33. It was terribly hot and airless in the car.

34. Spraying: Use an airless spray gun with a variable jet nozzle.

35. Modular fluid spray gun for air assisted and airless atomization

36. The air settled for sundown, the house again putrid and airless.

37. Airless spray-coating of a surface with a viscous aqueous architectural coating composition

38. I felt like I was locked in an airless closet for eternity.

39. Whether it be here, in an airless bunker, or elsewhere I don't know.

40. After 20 to 30 min on average the vessels were airless again.

41. You need, like, an airless environment to prevent the degrading that would happen naturally.

42. The stiffness of the webbing varies along an axial direction of the airless tire.

43. He preferred the airless quiet of the tunnel to the numbing of his skull.

44. Hales lived in a tiny, airless room with one small window that wouldn't open.

45. It was his building, Lewis' s. It was like his tomb or mausoleum, almost airless.

46. Pulmonary sequestrations have no communication with the bronchial tree. Therefore they are usually airless.

47. Methods and apparatus for obtaining wider sprays when spraying liquids by airless spray techniques

48. Immured in a dark airless cell, the hostages waited six months for their release.

49. The cell felt airless and hot, and was infested with rats from a nearby storage room.

50. Two high temperature lubricants adapted to be applied by an airless spray system are disclosed.

51. He was alone in an airless, partially disabled ship, all communication with Earth cut off.

52. The airless spraying device comprises a brush roller (1), a stopper (2), and a casing (3).

53. From outside, the sounds of a game of cricket floated into the hot airless room.

54. A method for spray-coating a surface with the coating composition by airless spraying is also disclosed.

55. Application apparatus, in particular spray guns using the airless technique to apply two-component coatings (machines)

56. - How airless packages and extreme closure solutions can protect fragile formulae with less or no preservatives.

57. The airless pump allows the product to be administered whatever the position of the bottle is

58. Oliver stared around the dark, airless shop at the coffins, some finished, some only half-made.

59. Apparatus for applying and/or portioning coatings or paint with double piston pumps using the airless technique (machines)

60. Painting systems, namely, airless paint sprayers, powered paint rollers, powered stain applicators and powered sealant appliators

61. The room is airless, the windows too high for him to open or to see out.

62. The small airless room is packed with young men, many of whom fought in the war.

63. It was hot, airless, badly lit, and generally had a cramped below-decks feel to it.

64. An airless preparation lumen may be disposed within the inflation lumen for ease of centering catheter preparation.

65. The mixture can then be dispensed onto a surface using air spray, airless spray or extrusion, for example.

66. They were taken to Misrata prison in a crowded, airless truck and beaten again when they arrived:

67. Painting systems, namely airless paint sprayers, electric paint rollers, electric applicators for painting and electric sealant applicators

68. The room was airless and putrid and stifling hot, the window lavender with either twilight or dawn.

69. The space between the outer wall (10a) and the inner wall (10b) is made airless or vacuum-pumped.

70. The airless nozzle sprays fuel droplets for a period of time that the first fuel injector is open.

71. The new question was batted silently around the room, a room that was growing increasingly hot and airless.

72. Oliver stared around the dark, airless shop at the coffins, some finished[sentence dictionary], some only half-made.

73. This can include wetting with the airless spray, and wetting in advance may allow the water to soak in.

74. Machines, sand-shot-blast , Cameras for coloring , Means of an individual defence of the person , Nozzles , Airless paint-spraying equipment .

75. The concentrate is then subjected to airless steam spray drying for converting the concentrate into dried solids, steam and vapors.

76. In one example, an airless fluid delivery system (100) is provided and includes a housing (102) including a pumping unit.

77. The room was hot and airless and I had to peel off my layers of reject golfing sweaters, one by one.

78. System of supplying (dispensers) of cosmetic products without exchange of air between the interior and exterior, to protect the cosmetic itself (airless)

79. Use airless paint spraying, dip tank or brush application of paint to reduce the hazard of overspray inhalation when compressed air spray painting.

80. Application systems for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, namely containers of plastic and fittings therefor, namely airless pumps and one-way delivery valves