Use "alibi" in a sentence

1. Alibi confirmed

2. Really good alibi.

3. She has an alibi!

4. You have an alibi?

5. We need an alibi.

6. Give them my alibi.

7. Have you an alibi?

8. Does he have an alibi?

9. I've supplied an alibi.

10. Just verify your alibi then.

11. You're giving them an alibi.

12. He has a solid alibi.

13. No, he has an alibi.

14. Isaac's alibi actually checked out.

15. Mick had an airtight alibi.

16. Look, I got an alibi.

17. He had a solid alibi.

18. Her alibi just didn't hold water.

19. She has no alibi either.

20. You haven' t a real alibi

21. See if he has an alibi.

22. They invented a very convincing alibi.

23. Why would I need an alibi?

24. If alibi was the right word.

25. I'll hoke up a good alibi.

26. Two women seemed anxious to provide Tate with an alibi, or to use him as an alibi for themselves.

27. I'll make sure you have an alibi.

28. Yeah, sure, kid, you confirm my alibi.

29. Because his alibi doesn't hold water.

30. And Conrad's argument's hardly an alibi.

31. There's nothing wrong with your alibi.

32. 8) His alibi was a beaut.

33. The police are checking out his alibi.

34. Lucky for him, his alibi is watertight.

35. Without an alibi, I have no choice.

36. And the father gives him an alibi.

37. That's his favorite restaurant, obviously his alibi.

38. Writing the book gives you an alibi.

39. So technically, she just owns The Alibi?

40. But it gives Tom an unimpeachable alibi.

41. She believes Reese Hennessy's alibi is a fake.

42. She intended the book to be her alibi.

43. I thought the kid had an alibi.

44. Our technicians handle several alibi accounts simultaneously.

45. He is photographed at his alibi location.

46. You cannot question the truth of his alibi.

47. Late again, Richard? What's your alibi this time?

48. His alibi would not have withstood cross - examination .

49. The guard recognized her, she has an alibi.

50. Nor did he review his alibi in any detail.

51. Do you have any proof to substantiate your alibi?

52. Emily told them you paid for Vincent Bourg's alibi.

53. I have a big fat motive but no alibi.

54. The false alibi threw the police off the scent.

55. He established an alibi to the charge of murder.

56. The police verified that she had an airtight alibi.

57. They've got nothing on me I've got an alibi.

58. Late again, Richard? What's your alibi this time?

59. You've provided an alibi, however anemic, for the bombing today.

60. When they'd finally tag him, he'd have the perfect alibi.

61. Not like you really have an alibi for that night.

62. He killed the judge because he threw that alibi out so...

63. He had a perfect alibi and the police let him go.

64. 4 It's a marvellous catch-all alibi for failure and inadequacy.

65. If you want a better alibi than that, i don't know.

66. You gave her an alibi because she's your girlfriend, isn't she?

67. According to Ken Harris, she has a cast-iron alibi.

68. It developed that he had an alibi for the night.

69. It's a marvellous catch-all alibi for failure and inadequacy.

70. So you think his alibi is going to clear him, huh?

71. Alibi or not, I wanna continue the tail on Reese Hennessy.

72. But he has an air-tight alibi for Tamika and Emile's murders.

73. Don Haas has an alibi for the night your daughter was taken.

74. The scene of arrest, the scene of misidentification, the alibi location.

75. Moral virtues were a cunningly indirect alibi for modish economic vices.

76. I assume you got an alibi for the night Kinsey was killed?

77. The accused was not able to provide an alibi for the evening.

78. I heard a strange sound on the DVD you're using as your alibi...

79. In 1989 she co-starred with Tom Selleck in the film Her Alibi.

80. Then we should talk to the one person who doesn't have an alibi.