Use "altitude" in a sentence

1. Track Altitude

2. Hypoxia can lead to typical altitude sickness, acute mountain sickness, altitude cerebral edema and altitude pulmonary edema.

3. Relative Altitude

4. Sickness, altitude...


6. Relative Altitude (bw

7. altitude range: # metres

8. Automatic altitude indicators

9. Altitude: The altitude should be indicated by the corresponding code number:

10. Moderate altitude conditions: Altitude lower or equal to 700 metres above sea level.

11. Conclusion Adaptation training can preclude acute high altitude reaction and elevate altitude acclimatization.

12. You get altitude sickness.

13. altitude or altitudinal range

14. Minimum descent altitude (MDA

15. Environmental and altitude chambers

16. (3) pressure altitude, and

17. Effect of altitude (exponential increase of the Flz together with altitude in the atmosphere).

18. It's just altitude sickness.

19. altitude or altitudinal range;

20. Wilco on the altitude.

21. Readings indicate a greater altitude.

22. Why Altitude Affects Your Body

23. (i) below transition altitude; or

24. CAT.IDE.A.140 Altitude alerting system

25. Altitude (m above sea level)

26. Remember now, altitude for airspeed.

27. Altitude is 18,000 and climbing.

28. Trying to avoid altitude sickness.

29. According to research altitude of more than 000 meters often cause altitude sickness in mountain climbers.

30. Altitude, speed, heading control, lookout

31. High-altitude aerial camera systems

32. High-altitude attacks were improbable.

33. Altitude, speed heading control (stabilised approach)

34. Correction of instantaneous vehicle altitude data

35. Its altitude ranges from # to # metres

36. An automatic altitude control system; and

37. Lancelot, you're approaching your altitude limit.

38. Stop altitude squawk, difference 1000 feet.

39. We're presently at an altitude of 000 feet ascending to our cruising altitude of 000 feet.

40. (1) two independent altitude measurement systems;

41. Altitude measuring, indicating and switching devices

42. an automatic altitude control system; and

43. I think I got altitude sickness.

44. We drop an altitude like that

45. Well, the altitude exacerbated my symptoms.

46. The plane was grabbing for altitude.

47. Optionally it can make use of the 96L6E all altitude detection radar and 76N6 low altitude detection radar.

48. The growth of Idesia palycarpa Maxim in the lower altitude regions was super to the higher altitude regions.

49. (c) an automatic altitude control system;

50. Altitude, speed, heading control (stabilised approach)

51. Circle at altitude and stand by.

52. They were flying at high altitude.

53. What is the altitude of this village?

54. 15 They were flying at high altitude.

55. 14 The plane was grabbing for altitude.

56. a pressure altitude reporting SSR transponder; and

57. (3) An automatic altitude control system; and

58. The drag on low-altitude spacecraft increases.

59. Special high-altitude interceptors with GM-1 nitrous oxide injection high-altitude boost and pressurized cockpits were also produced.

60. Reduction from sextant altitude to observed altitude for any of the 9110 stars, nine planets, and sun and moon.

61. 3. an automatic altitude control system; and

62. This is a high- altitude helium balloon.

63. Sand ballast was used to control altitude.

64. The average altitude is # metres above sea level

65. Altitude barely exceeds 15 m above sea level.

66. Moderation is a good policy at any altitude.

67. I was suffering from altitude sickness in Chahare.

68. The athletes trained at altitude in Mexico City.

69. They appear to lie at a higher altitude.

70. What is the altitude of the topographical point?

71. 25 The altitude does peculiar things to people.

72. 16 The plane suddenly started to lose altitude.

73. 13 No trees will grow at that altitude.

74. The balloonists attained an altitude of 000 feet.

75. We're flying at an altitude of 000 feet.

76. Objective To investigate the effect of "living at 2500m altitude and training at low altitude" (HiLo)on exercise capacity and hemogram.

77. The altitude of the city is 43 m.a.s.l.

78. The site is about 200 meters in altitude.

79. Second, is you measure the altitude of Deneb.

80. Altitude affects not only temperature, but also vegetation.