Use "alumna" in a sentence

1. Alumna.

2. My father is an alumna of UCLA.

3. She was an alumna of the École des Chartes.

4. My wife is an alumna of National Taiwan University.

5. My alumni and alumna are present at my birthday party.

6. During alumna production, mother liquor evaporation is the key process.

7. Alumna de la UA representará a Paraguay en Miss Universo 2011

8. Dr. Dajani is a Fulbright scholar alumna, having received two Fulbright awards.

9. The furnace lining is made from light high alumna, light chamotte, insulating plates.

10. Are you an alumnus or alumna who’s reconnected with a Rotary club?

11. Weisskopf is an alumna of Oberlin College, from which she graduated in 1987.

12. CJP alumna Leymah Gbowee was a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.

13. Invite a least one Rotary Foundation alumnus or alumna to join your club.

14. A new method, three stage carbonization process, to reclaim gallium from alumna production is introduced.

15. A Rotary Foundation alumna or alumnus is also a qualified candidate for Rotary club membership.

16. If Mary and Bill graduate from our school, she is alumna and he is an alumnus.

17. Her press secretary from 1963 to 1969 was Liz Carpenter, a fellow alumna of the University of Texas.

18. Singapore's most prominent singing sensation and NTU alumna Stefanie Sun shares how she became one of Asia's brightest stars.

19. She is an alumna of the elite École normale supérieure de Fontenay–Saint-Cloud, she received an agrégation in Classic Literature.

20. She is an alumna of the University of Bloemfontein where she graduated with a degree in Human Resource Management in 1997.

21. College Member and alumna , Professor Karis Kwong (98/NUR) from the Nethersole School of Nursing, won the Master Teacher award from Faculty of Medicine in 200

22. She scored seven goals for Canada at the 2002 CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup, tying her for the tournament lead with teammate Charmaine Hooper and USA's Tiffeny Milbrett, a fellow Portland alumna.

23. The library was begun on August 26, 1943, when the Radcliffe College alumna Maud Wood Park '98, a former suffragist, donated her collection of books, papers, and memorabilia on female reformers to Radcliffe.