Use "amenity" in a sentence

1. Free newspapers. Free amenity pack.

2. Heating is regarded as a basic amenity.

3. You are definitely the best amenity in the building.

4. The building will be developed as a public amenity.

5. Development and natural resource amenity areas are often controversial.

6. They will provide an amenity for local residents.

7. A sauna in the hotel would be a useful amenity.

8. An affordable nursery education service is an essential basic amenity.

9. He immediately noticed the amenity of his new surroundings.

10. Post Top Outdoor Luminaries for amenity lighting, pedestrian and squares

11. Cerate all - directions and diversified amenity celebration service with meticulous effort.

12. 2 A sauna in the hotel would be a useful amenity.

13. The town has been carefully designed to offer its visitors every amenity.

14. The Memorial Hall stands in splendid isolation as the only village amenity.

15. Even where an application does arouse some opposition, issues of public amenity rarely arise.

16. The stations on the Trans-Siberian were classified according to size and amenity into five categories.

17. But no art, major or minor, can be governed by the rules of social amenity.

18. Often they circulate these lists to local conservation and amenity groups, residents' associations and subscribers.

19. The aim is to avoid any clash between good forestry and the claims of amenity.

20. All aforesaid products except those for use in the field of agriculture, horticulture and amenity grass

21. The Trustees, however, felt that the tennis courts should be preserved as an amenity for the area.

22. Clearly this was unacceptable both from an amenity point of view and for access by emergency services.

23. At the same time it gave encouragement to local amenity groups to press for improvements.

24. They were concerned with only limits amenity services unless the county council delegated something more substantial.

25. Middlesex sought to prevent urban development, with the secondary purpose of preserving amenity and providing recreational facilities.

26. There was no reception area in the buildings, nor any lounges or other common amenity rooms.

27. Local amenity societies and conservation groups therefore frequently oppose their construction -; and all too often the houses remain unbuilt.

28. This is an amenity that all Teessiders and others from further afield will be able to enjoy for generations.

29. The Grand Union Canal's reservoir at Ruislip was marketed by the canal company as a leisure amenity in the 1930s.

30. Most of the conflicts concerning agriculture and amenity also occur in a particularly acute form on the urban fringe.

31. 7 It combines the delightful atmosphere of an Oxford market square with every modern amenity for comfortable and practical living today.

32. It combines the delightful atmosphere of an Oxford market square with every modern amenity for comfortable and practical living today.

33. Modern resorts offer every amenity for shopping during the day, and a choice of clubs, discos and casinos at night.

34. They have no idea of amenity, no regard for landscape and have scant interest in problems of drainage and water.

35. Although new housing will be encouraged within these areas, important open spaces and the amenity of residential areas will be protected.

36. Both the existing bungalow and the new house would look into the garden of the house, providing an amenity for both.

37. Though inducting the new meteorologic concept of human body amenity indicator, make the analysis of correlation, variance and sensitivity between grid load and meteorology change.

38. When complete this autumn it will be the first purpose-built amenity to offer homeless youngsters short-stay accommodation coupled with skills training.

39. In 19 Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said when speaking about the Delaware River: "A river is more than an amenity; it is a treasure."

40. The bright green trams and buses are the greatest amenity you can imagine: absolutely prompt, relatively inexpensive, clean and very convenient. Each stop has maps of the public transport system and a listing of arrival times.