Use "ammo" in a sentence

1. Ammo ammo!

2. Save the ammo.

3. Where is the ammo?

4. Maybe Zapata's out of ammo.

5. Ammo will be fired from a quiver, ammo pouch, or any other bag.

6. How much ammo you got?

7. Ammo resupplies at the collection point.

8. Well, I needed guns, ammo, money.

9. I say.-Course I got ammo.

10. We're gonna need more ammo.

11. Ammo Training: Incendiary, Cryo, Disruptor.

12. I'm out of business without ammo!

13. How are you doing for ammo?

14. It was easy to handle and fired 62 ammo and had the capability of using a belt of ammo.

15. One man is a waste of ammo.

16. Look at those ammo counters go.

17. Sergeant Horvath, do an ammo check.

18. And someone take their weapons and ammo.

19. Musette bag with ammo, my webbing, my. canteen...

20. Yes, RWS does apply to scopes and ammo.

21. There was live. 38 Super ammo in box!

22. 11 Yes, RWS does apply to scopes and ammo.

23. For the possibility there is by chance forbidden ammo?

24. Yeah, but it would still be Chinese ammo.

25. Their air force has no ammo, no gas.

26. I suggest you don't change up your ammo.

27. Did you bring the extra vest and ammo?

28. Choppers were dropping ammo boxes inside the perimeter.

29. Whenever you have plenty of ammo, you never miss.

30. The #th Ammo Company will land here to re- supply

31. Enough ammo here to take over a small country.

32. 23 There was live. 38 Super ammo in box!

33. We don't want to give you guys any ammo.

34. I used the wood from some old ammo crates.

35. He ejected the spent cartridge, felt in his ammo pouch.

36. He gave up all that ammo without a fight?

37. Had an ammo, unwarrantable also gain a victory certainly.

38. You should try to burn them, or destroy ammo racks.

39. And if the Krauts take Leige, they take the ammo dump.

40. His ammo bearer was a Puerto Rican, a nice kid.

41. Now, there might be ammo and actual VC hidden in those walls.

42. Try to look unimportant because bad guys may be low on ammo.

43. 21 His ammo bearer was a Puerto Rican, a nice kid.

44. And the only guy hurt cut his hand opening an ammo can.

45. No guns, no ammo, what the hell are we gonna do down here?

46. OBJECTIVE To report the breakage of protein and ammo acid in adulterate pangolin.

47. There's a lot more of those than we have ammo for, John.

48. Supply had to parachute in our gas and ammo, we moved so fast.

49. 10 Try to see unimportance since bad guys may be low on ammo.

50. When deployed, the ammo bearers act as security for the crew - served weapon.

51. Don' t run out of ammo until I' m done, or they' il shred you

52. These ammo bunkers are the only underground structures on the base with riveted doors.

53. Training returns, ammo expenditure, equipment serial number, vehicle mileage - all have to be documented.

54. Every year people get their ammo and supplies here Before heading'up to the mountains.

55. She was a wreck, kept asking about the ammo, worrying we didn't have enough.

56. The ammo bearer lifted his head above the dike to help call in artillery.

57. So far, only the sound of exploding ammo occasionally popped over the sound of the Huey.

58. 14 China has our money and has shill companies buying our arms and ammo companies.

59. The artillery was firing at low elevation and was practically out of high-explosive ammo.

60. Ammo dumps were being detonated by incoming mortars and rockets, and all hell was breaking loose.

61. The ammo wastage about the anti - aircraft artillery fire unit is the basis of making support scheme.

62. AMMO (azidomethylmethyloxetane and its polymers) (CAS 90683-29-7) (see also ML8.g.1. for its ‘precursors’);

63. After Thanatos is dead, the team can move on to blow immortals in order to save ammo.

64. AMMO (azidomethylmethyloxetane and its polymers) (CAS 90683-29-7) (see also ML8.g.1. for its "precursors");

65. Now, she will be indispensible should our men find themself in a difficult situation and low on ammo.

66. The idea of the bridge was to get an ammo box from one side of the bridge to the other.

67. Details of such items as mealie bags, biscuit boxes, ammo boxes and rocket troughs will be welcomed by modellers.

68. Fixed a bug where Ammo Pouch and Quiver bonuses were stacking together. Now only the better bonus should be considered.

69. 10 Details of such items as mealie bags, biscuit boxes, ammo boxes and rocket troughs will be welcomed by modellers.

70. Ammo is 1, 000 meters has more kinetic energy than 357 shots at close range and it is 3 cm in front of eye

71. Ammo, magazine, and grenade pouches, entrenching tool carriers, canteen covers and numerous other accouterments were made in innumerable variations with whatever materials were available.

72. Effects of methanol extracts from caudex of Ammo pitanthus mongolicus L. on the growth of the larvae of diamondback moth, Plutella xylosiella L. were investigated in laboratory.

73. In the future war, as the new technique of artillery and ammo advances and the develop of the old technique, such as the electromagnetic artillery and the hydronium artillery.

74. 12) When that time comes, along with freeze-dried food and water-purification tablets and plenty of ammo, a person is going to need some gold in his camouflage pockets.

75. Ammo was scarce. We were poorly fed - for the first and second course soup or porridge from whole grain wheat, or peas freshly cooked on Uzbek cotton oil, which looked like rust.

76. The later T-28D-5 had ammo pans inside the wings that could be hooked up to hardpoint-mounted gun pods for a better center of gravity and aerodynamics; 321 converted by Pacific Airmotive (Pac-Aero).