Use "amour" in a sentence

1. Ah, Pierre, mon amour.

2. More saint-amour?

3. " Hiroshima Mon Amour "...

4. With his latest horrible amour

5. Anyway, I have wounded their amour propres.

6. Try not to offend his amour propre.

7. "The Criterion Collection – Hiroshima Mon Amour".

8. Have you heard about his latest amour?

9. Never got past " un amour de Swan ".

10. 8 Pour le bleu d'un amour ou le gris d'un chagrin.

11. La magie du premier amour , c'est d'ignorer qu'il puisse finir un jour.

12. Pour le bleu d'un amour ou le gris d'un chagrin.

13. FR | Saint-Amour | Wine with a protected designation of origin (PDO) |

14. "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)" was released to the UK iTunes Store on 23 January 2010.

15. I'm sorry for your sake that I had no hopeless amour.

16. Appreciate those who disdained you, because he awaked your amour - propre .

17. I wish them a night as perfect as ours, mon amour.

18. 4 I wish them a night as perfect as ours,[] mon amour.

19. FR || Saint-Amour || Wine with a protected designation of origin (PDO)

20. Amour and Wilfrid Spicer were falsely charged with distributing seditious literature.

21. If regard the gender as very extraordinary thing, won't have good amour.

22. L'amiti é finit parfois en amour, mais rarement l'amour en amiti é.

23. She's in Ohio and her amour is on the payphone by the PX.

24. In fact, they value it above all other relationships the - female amour said.

25. Pollux expresses his conflicting emotions in the aria Nature, amour, qui partagez mon coeur.

26. The font has been published in the book » Fraktur mon Amour « by Judith Schalansky.

27. Zingonia Mon Amour exhibit, this system shone light with blue-toned shadows on the setting.

28. Textile hosepiping and similar textile tubing with or without lining, amour or accessories of other materials

29. Just today one of the missionary school youth was about to elope with his new amour.

30. Leaving her amour with strict instructions on how to find her, she retired to bed and waited.

31. L' amour craint le doute , cependant il grandit par le doute et p é rIt'souvent de la certitude.

32. Kim Willsher "Emmanuelle Riva, 85, star of Amour, tells of her extraordinary life", The Observer, 10 February 2013.

33. The longing for God, the désir de Dieu, includes amour des lettres, love of the word, exploration of all its dimensions.

34. On the books of profane music which entered the convent, amour (love) was replaced by tambour (drum) or pandour.

35. In 1962 and 1964, she played minor roles in French film productions, Comment réussir en amour and Du grabuge chez les veuves.

36. Then too late, on the way home, indignancy arises, amour propre, and with it, startlingly, an unwonted reflective intelligence or clarity.

37. The bridge will be supported by piles driven into the bedrock and cast in place abutments, which will be faced with amour stone.

38. De quel amour blessé (Julliard, 1998) - The story of an impossible love affair between a Maghrebi living in Paris and a Jewish girl.

39. Amour de soi represents the instinctive human desire for self preservation , combined with the human power of reason . In contrast, amour-propre is not natural but artificial and forces man to compare himself to others, thus creating unwarranted fear and allowing men to take pleasure in the pain or weakness of others .

40. For all China’s exalted pretensions those centuries ago, its amour propre was comprehensively assaulted during more than a hundred years of humiliation at outside hands.

41. When Liu Hulan sacrifices year only 15 years old, but in her brief life course, ever had had affianced experience and a paragraph of true amour twice.

42. Still, this finesse would save the Irish government’s amour propre, and allow it to claim that it has not (yet) abandoned Ireland’s hard-won sovereignty.

43. Russia, which had peacekeepers stationed in the province, responded by pouring troops and heavy amour south through the Caucasus mountains into South Ossetia to drive back the Georgians.

44. When Togo—a country with a population less than half of Ontario—had medals and Canada didn't, it put a bit of a dent in our National amour propre.

45. In areas of rock, highly mobile sand, or deep waters, where the seabed is unsuitable for the burial of cables and pipelines, infrastructure may be protected or stabilised by rock amour and concrete mattresses.

46. It is just an indication of how, without any amour propre and without exaggerating what we can achieve, if we just focus on some of the areas where we have real strengths to bring to bear, we can actually make much more of a reality of our Asia policy, and that we intend to do.

47. This second feature film by German director Christian Wagner’s Balkan Blues Trilogy is one of those rare war films, like “Apocalypse Now” and “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” that makes brilliant use of symbolism. The award-winning picture follows the riveting misfortunes of Senada, a 30-year-old mother who lost her 2-year-old daughter during the Bosnian conflict.